GovTrack: Kamala Harris Further Left than 'Democratic Socialist' Bernie Sanders

The non-partisan GovTrack rated Kamala Harris the most left-wing Senator in 2019 -- further left than "democratic socialist" Bernie Sanders.

bernie sanders - Breitbart News
6:01am PDT - August 12th, 2020

Trump calls QAnon GOP primary winner a 'future Republican Star' | TheHill

President Trump on Wednesday offered his full-throated support for a Georgia congressional candid...

qanon - The Hill
5:48am PDT - August 12th, 2020

Moderna shares rise 11% on $1.5 bln U.S. contract for COVID-19 vaccine - Reuters

Shares of Moderna Inc rose 11% on Wednesday after the company signed a $1.5 billion deal with the U.S. government for the supply of its experimental coronavirus vaccine.

moderna stock - Reuters
5:25am PDT - August 12th, 2020

Microsoft pushes launch of new Halo game to 2021 -

Halo Infinite, the next instalment of celebrated video game franchise, is being delayed until next year, its developer said, meaning the blockbuster title will not be available when Microsoft launches its new console later this year.

general - RTE
5:17am PDT - August 12th, 2020

'Extremely serious' train derailment in Aberdeenshire, Scotland - CNN

A train has derailed in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, according to British Transport Police.

general - CNN
5:17am PDT - August 12th, 2020

Coronavirus live updates: Scientists say new nasal spray can help fight COVID; college football season in shambles; Texas passes 500K cases - USA TODAY

Scientists in California develop say their nasal spray "AeroNabs" can help against COVID. Texas surpasses 500K cases. Latest news.

science - USA Today
5:11am PDT - August 12th, 2020

Conduit launches to help founders find actually useful angels and VCs - TechCrunch

The bar for being a successful VC just keeps getting higher. With more and more capital sloshing around and not enough founders and startups to invest in, founders are getting the opportunity to be choosier and choosier about who they want to work with on the…

business - TechCrunch
5:00am PDT - August 12th, 2020

Viola Davis bought her birthplace on a former slave plantation for her birthday

Viola Davis gave us all a gift in honor of her 55th birthday.

viola davis - CNN
4:56am PDT - August 12th, 2020

Viola Davis bought her birthplace on a former slave plantation for her birthday - CNN

Viola Davis gave us all a gift in honor of her 55th birthday.

entertainment - CNN
4:56am PDT - August 12th, 2020

0days, a failed patch, and a backdoor threat. Update Tuesday highlights - Ars Technica

A few of the more notable updates in this month's patch batch from Microsoft.

technology - Ars Technica
4:55am PDT - August 12th, 2020

Coronavirus: Russia calls international concern over vaccine 'groundless' - BBC News

Scientists from around Europe and the US have expressed scepticism over its newly-announced vaccine.

general - BBC News
4:52am PDT - August 12th, 2020

Russia rejects mounting Covid-19 vaccine concerns

Scientists from around Europe and the US have expressed scepticism over its newly-announced vaccine.

russia covid vaccine - BBC News
4:51am PDT - August 12th, 2020

Sri Lankan shares hit 5-month closing high as industrials, financials boost - Reuters

Sri Lankan shares ended at their highest closing level in more than five months on Wednesday, lifted by financial and industrial stocks.

business - Reuters
4:49am PDT - August 12th, 2020

Freeview viewers complain of fewer channels after retune - BBC News

People complain of a loss of channels following works to transmitters in parts of the UK.

business - BBC News
4:46am PDT - August 12th, 2020

Coronavirus: What's happening around the world on Wednesday | CBC News

German health minister Jens Spahn on Wednesday said Russia's COVID-19 vaccine had not been sufficiently tested, adding the aim was to have a safe product rather than just being first to start vaccinating people.

russia covid vaccine - CBC News
4:37am PDT - August 12th, 2020

Cost-cutting: Air India halves European network - Times of India

India Business News: Air India has cut its European footprint by half as a cost-cutting move. Five cities — Milan, Madrid, Vienna, Copenhagen and Stockholm — have been rem

business - The Times of India
4:34am PDT - August 12th, 2020

Industrial-grade VR company Varjo picks up ~$52M in Series C funding - TechCrunch

Varjo, the Finnish startup that has developed a virtual and mixed reality headset capable of “human-eye resolution” for use in various enterprise applications, has closed a $51.7 million in Series C funding. Backing the round is Tesi, NordicNinja, and Swissca…

business - TechCrunch
4:32am PDT - August 12th, 2020

QAnon backer Marjorie Taylor Greene wins congressional primary in Georgia

The northwest Georgia district is a Republican-stronghold, meaning she will be the likely winner in November.

qanon - CBS News
4:32am PDT - August 12th, 2020

Ilhan Omar wins primary against well-funded challenger

Her challenger, Antone Melton-Meaux, used the cash to paper the district and flood airwaves with his "Focused on the Fifth" message that portrayed Omar as out of touch with the district.

ilhan omar - CBS News
4:30am PDT - August 12th, 2020

The last Blockbuster in the world will soon be available to rent on Airbnb — for just $4 a night - CBS News

The longtime manager is listing the location for only $4 — just one penny more than the price of a movie rental.

entertainment - CBS News
4:28am PDT - August 12th, 2020

Coronavirus may spread much farther than 6 feet in indoor spaces with poor ventilation - CBS News

A classroom simulation shows how the spread of the virus is significantly cut down simply by placing ventilation near a teacher.

health - CBS News
4:25am PDT - August 12th, 2020

Vintners 'not optimistic' pubs can reopen this month -

The two vintners groups have said they are "not optimistic" that pubs will be allowed to reopen at the end of the month, and are calling for direct financial aid for businesses, which they say have been unable to trade for half of the year by Government order.

business - RTE
4:22am PDT - August 12th, 2020

'Sanjay Dutt is a strong fighter,' says Subhash Ghai on the actor's health scare - Times of India

Filmmaker Subhash Ghai who has given Sanjay Dutt the superhit ‘Khalnayak’ is pretty sure that the actor will fight

entertainment - The Times of India
4:21am PDT - August 12th, 2020

The Bachelor: James Weir recaps episode 1 | Angry ‘ranga’ throws insane tantrum -

James Weir recaps The Bachelor Australia 2020 episode 1

entertainment -
4:16am PDT - August 12th, 2020