Twitter rolls out tipping with bitcoin, explores verifying NFT profile pics - Mashable

Bitcoin is coming to Twitter.

business - Mashable
10:06am PDT - September 23rd, 2021

Nosh uses AI to help people and businesses cut down on their food waste - TechCrunch

When founder Somdip Dey was a computer science masters student at the University of Manchester, his parents got in a terrible car accident. He sent all of his money back to his parents in India to help with their medical bills, but then he faced a problem fam…

technology - TechCrunch
10:03am PDT - September 23rd, 2021

Twitter enables tipping with Bitcoin, plans to let users authenticate NFTs - The Verge

Twitter is enabling Bitcoin payments through a crypto wallet app called Strike. It’s also launching NFT features that will let you authenticate ownership on the platform.

business - The Verge
10:01am PDT - September 23rd, 2021

Afghanistan war: UK's lowest payout for civilian death was £104.17 - BBC News

The compensation payment is one of hundreds by the Ministry of Defence, revealed for the first time.

general - BBC News
10:00am PDT - September 23rd, 2021

Sara Wilson on why she didn't use her Shot in the Dark on 'Survivor' - Entertainment Weekly News

This season's second victim explains her decision and reveals what we didn't see at that Tribal Council.

entertainment - Entertainment Weekly
10:00am PDT - September 23rd, 2021

Nintendo Direct September 2021: start time, how to watch, schedule - Polygon

Nintendo’s September 2021 Nintendo Direct on Sept. 23 promises 40 minutes of news about games for Nintendo Switch. Announcements for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Xenoblade Chronicles 3, and Nintendo Switch Online games could be made during the livestream.

technology - Polygon
10:00am PDT - September 23rd, 2021

Report: Aaron Rodgers Trade Rumors Caused Tension Between Matt LaFleur, Kyle Shanahan - Bleacher Report

The San Francisco 49ers' offseason pursuit of Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers reportedly caused tension in the relationship between Packers head...

sports - Bleacher Report
9:52am PDT - September 23rd, 2021

Touchdown Wire’s Week 3 NFL preview podcast with Doug Farrar and Mark Schofield

Touchdown Wire's Doug Farrar and Mark Schofield go through all the stories in the NFL's Week 3.

davis mills - USA Today
9:51am PDT - September 23rd, 2021

Here's what Microsoft Edge will look like on Windows 11 - Techradar

Latest Microsoft Edge preview offers glimpse of what the browser may look like on Windows 11

technology - TechRadar
9:51am PDT - September 23rd, 2021

Razer's Kaira X is a lower-cost headset for console gamers - Engadget

Razer has unveiled a wired Kaira X headset that offers PlayStation and Xbox gamers a lower-cost listening option..

technology - Engadget
9:44am PDT - September 23rd, 2021

Tom Brady's trainer hits Bill Belichick for coaching practices with star quarterback - Fox News

Tom Brady’s personal trainer Alex Guerrero took a shot at New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick on Thursday, saying the six-time Super Bowl winner “never evolved” over the course of his tenure there.

sports - Fox News
9:34am PDT - September 23rd, 2021

Six landscaping company workers arrested for illegally 'pruning' acacias worth R600 000 in Joburg - News24

Six employees of a landscaping company have been arrested after being caught illegally pruning acacias in Fourways.

general - News24
9:31am PDT - September 23rd, 2021

Unagi reveals ‘The Eleven,’ an electric scooter that plays music, avoids potholes, and looks incredible - The Verge

Unagi revealed a new electric scooter, the Eleven, with full suspension, camera-based object detection, audio speakers, and an incredible design from Yves Behar.

technology - The Verge
9:30am PDT - September 23rd, 2021

Weight loss story: “I included buttermilk and chia seeds in my meals” - Times of India

Having battled obesity since childhood, Simran Kapoor found it hard to carry own day-to-day chores, fighting lethargy and becoming a victim of bullying.

health - The Times of India
9:30am PDT - September 23rd, 2021

Malkin out at least two months of regular season for Penguins -

Evgeni Malkin will be out for at least the first two months of the regular season for the Pittsburgh Penguins while the center recovers from knee surgery.

sports - NHL News
9:27am PDT - September 23rd, 2021

European Union announces plans to require all mobile devices to use USB-C - Ars Technica

Devices using only wireless charging would be exempt from the mandate.

general - Ars Technica
9:25am PDT - September 23rd, 2021

The cutest fall decor at Target - budget-friendly indoor and outdoor picks

Target is a one-stop shop for fall decorations. From pumpkins to leaves, it has everything you need for your home, inside and outdoors.

autumn - Business Insider
9:24am PDT - September 23rd, 2021

Kristen Bell Says Her Kids Leave Her Angry Notes Around The House And I Did Not Expect This Story To Be So Adorable - BuzzFeed

"I'm raising very strong women."

entertainment - Buzzfeed
9:23am PDT - September 23rd, 2021

Ex-Apple designer’s ultra-premium audio hardware startup Syng raises $48.75 million - TechCrunch

Audio startup Syng has been building on quite a bit more hype than the average fresh hardware startup, largely because of the team behind it. Founder and CEO Chris Stringer was Jony Ive’s first hire at Apple and worked at the company for 21 years. In an inter…

technology - TechCrunch
9:22am PDT - September 23rd, 2021

Viral Music Can Spread Like An Infectious Disease, Claims Study - Mashable India

A fascinating new study reveals that popular songs spread through a population much in the same way a virus would do.

health - Mashable
9:21am PDT - September 23rd, 2021

CDC quietly removed school guidance for eliminating masks, rolling back COVID-19 prevention efforts - Fox News

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention quietly removed language in its guidance for schools that suggested how administrators could choose to roll back COVID-19 protocols.

health - Fox News
9:20am PDT - September 23rd, 2021

Call of Duty Vanguard's Subreddit Mocks the Game's Audio By Calling it 'Historically Accurate' - IGN

Call of Duty Vanguard's subreddit has taken to poking fun at the upcoming game's audio design by claiming that it is "historically accurate".

technology - IGN
9:17am PDT - September 23rd, 2021

The Disney Classic Games Collection adds Jungle Book and SNES Aladdin - Polygon

After two years, the Disney Classic Games Collection is a new version of Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King, adding The Jungle Book, the SNES version of Aladdin, and some bonus features.

technology - Polygon
9:16am PDT - September 23rd, 2021

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is $20 off with a free wireless charger today - The Verge

Samsung’s latest smartwatch is discounted with a bundled dual wireless charger that’s cheaper than buying the watch on its own. Also, more deals on the Oculus Quest 2, Galaxy Buds 2, Apple MagSafe Duo, Kindle Paperwhite, and more.

technology - The Verge
9:14am PDT - September 23rd, 2021

Biden faces harsh criticism for expelling Haitian asylum seekers - Al Jazeera English

US plan to expel most of the more than 14,000 Haitian migrants camped at Mexico border has been widely condemned.

haitian migrants - Al Jazeera English
9:07am PDT - September 23rd, 2021