Giannis on Game-Winning Layup vs. Hornets: I'm Getting Old So I Have to Be Sneaky

Milwaukee Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo had some jokes following his game-winning layup in the Bucks' thrilling 127-125 victory over the Charlotte Hornets...

bucks - Bleacher Report
6:38am PST - December 2nd, 2021

Rust assistant director Dave Halls backs Alec Baldwin’s claim he didn’t fire gun -

A lawyer for the assistant director on the movie Rust says she was told by her client “since the very first day” that Alec Baldwin did not pull the trigger on the gun that shot Halyna Hutchins dead.

alec baldwin -
6:33am PST - December 2nd, 2021

Days before Fiji was due to open, the world discovered Omicron. The island paradise welcomed tourists anyway - ABC News

Fiji has pushed to get its vaccination rate to more than 90 per cent and has come up with a model for international travel that requires travellers to stay in the same place for a few days, but also feels nothing like quarantine.

general - ABC News (AU)
6:31am PST - December 2nd, 2021

Fortnite Chapter 2's Ending Seems to Have Leaked Because of a TikTok Advert - IGN - IGN

A huge leak for Fortnite Chapter 2's ending appears to have surfaced online as part of a TikTok advert that has been making the rounds on social media.

technology - IGN
6:27am PST - December 2nd, 2021

Investigators reveal concerns about behavior of Michigan high school shooting suspect leading up to the tragedy - CNN

Two teachers separately reported concerning behavior from sophomore Ethan Crumbley in the days before the deadly Michigan high school shooting he's accused of committing -- prompting two meetings with him, including one with his parents just hours before the …

general - CNN
6:16am PST - December 2nd, 2021

Manchester United exclusive: Carlos Queiroz reveals "the truth" about the flying boot incident that injured David Beckham following Arsenal loss - FourFourTwo

Former Manchester United assistant Carlos Queiroz recounts the details behind the infamous dressing room incident which left David Beckham needing stitches

sports - FourFourTwo
6:14am PST - December 2nd, 2021

Apple's MagSafe battery pack is 24 percent off at Amazon - Engadget

Apple's MagSafe battery pack is down to $75, or 24 percent off, thanks to a new sale at Amazon..

technology - Engadget
6:11am PST - December 2nd, 2021

Moovit partners with smart cane company WeWALK to enhance mobility for visually impaired - TechCrunch

Intel-owned Moovit, a mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) provider with a globally popular trip planning app, has partnered with WeWALK, a smart cane company, to help visually impaired people reach their destinations safer and more efficiently. WeWALK’s app will now…

technology - TechCrunch
6:05am PST - December 2nd, 2021

Facebook is making two-factor mandatory for high-risk accounts - TechCrunch

The company says it's working to secure high risk accounts, like those of human rights defenders, journalists, and government officials.

business - TechCrunch
6:01am PST - December 2nd, 2021

Nvidia GeForce Now ‘RTX 3080’ membership tier arrives in Europe - The Verge

Nvidia’s GeForce Now game streaming service is getting an RTX 3080-themed upgrade in Europe, as the company rolls out its new high performance tier in the region. It offers improved resolutions, frame rates, and latency.

technology - The Verge
6:00am PST - December 2nd, 2021

As tech founders resign, Congress loses its favorite targets - The Verge

Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey resigned from the company at a time when calls for regulation are mounting up. Other tech leaders like Amazon’s Jeff Bezos have also left their companies.

business - The Verge
6:00am PST - December 2nd, 2021

Jack Dorsey's Square changes its name to Block -

Days after Jack Dorsey resigned as chief executive of Twitter, his other company is changing its name.

business - BBC News
5:58am PST - December 2nd, 2021

Anger, emotional upset and heavy physical exertion identified as stroke triggers - The Independent

The largest research project of its kind has been co-led by National University of Ireland Galway.

health - Independent
5:56am PST - December 2nd, 2021

McDonald's is bringing back a sweet treat this holiday season. Here's how to get yours - Yahoo Finance

McDonald's is bringing back the Holiday Pie that features vanilla custard and rainbow sprinkles for a limited time.

business - USA Today
5:51am PST - December 2nd, 2021

COVID-19: Scientists identify biomarker to predict mortality risk - Medical News Today

A recent study concludes that SARS-CoV-2 viral RNA could be used as a biomarker to predict which patients have the greatest risk of dying from COVID-19.

health - Medical News Today
5:40am PST - December 2nd, 2021

America keeps adding jobs but we're still not back to normal - CNN

The US jobs recovery has picked up steam again in the final months of the year, bringing some good news in the face of persistently rising prices and a new Covid variant.

business - CNN
5:40am PST - December 2nd, 2021

Glaxo Says Its Covid-19 Antibody Drug Is Likely Effective Against Omicron - The Wall Street Journal

U.K. drugmaker and partner Vir say treatment is designed to cope with mutations

business - The Wall Street Journal
5:38am PST - December 2nd, 2021

House Democrats announce plan to fund the government, prevent a shutdown

House Democrats are planning to bring a short-term government funding bill to the floor Thursday that would prevent a shutdown before the Friday night deadline.

government shutdown - NBC News
5:37am PST - December 2nd, 2021

Michigan vs Iowa: Big Ten Conference title game preview, kickoff time & more - Fox News

No. 2 Michigan and No. 15 Iowa will face off in the Big Ten Championship on Saturday at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, and it will be broadcast on FOX.

sports - Fox News
5:34am PST - December 2nd, 2021

Canada Goose comes under fire again from Chinese state media, regulators after returns policy sparks furor - The Globe and Mail

Chinese media reported that a customer in Shanghai was told she couldn’t return a faulty jacket resulting in claims consumers in China face a double standard

business - The Globe And Mail
5:29am PST - December 2nd, 2021

Police investigate death of philanthropist Jacqueline Avant, wife of music executive Clarence Avant

Police in Los Angeles County are searching for answers after Jacqueline Avant, the wife of legendary music executive Clarence Avant, was shot and killed in their Beverly Hills home. Lilia Luciano reports.

clarence avant - CBS News
5:27am PST - December 2nd, 2021

CNN anchors refrain from publicly condemning Chris Cuomo for avalanche of journalistic malpractice - Fox News

The anchors of CNN who pride themselves as righteous truthtellers of the highest journalistic integrity were noticeably tepid about their colleague Chris Cuomo, who was suspended by the network over his extensive involvement in helping his brother through sca…

general - Fox News
5:27am PST - December 2nd, 2021

Do you get drunk more than 20 times a year? - The Irish Times

Global Drug Survey finds that Australians get drunk the most often, Mexicans the least

general - The Irish Times
5:25am PST - December 2nd, 2021

Sam Asghari celebrates 'lioness' Britney Spears on her 40th birthday: 'I'm inspired by your beautiful heart' -

Britney Spears’s fiancé Sam Asghari has paid tribute to the pop star on her 40th birthday.

entertainment - Independent
5:20am PST - December 2nd, 2021

Patty Mills takes out Sporting Australia Hall of Fame Don Award after bumper Olympic Games - ABC News

Patty Mills is setting franchise records for the Brooklyn Nets in the NBA but leading the Boomers to an Olympic medal has helped him to claim on of Australian sports' top honours.

sports - ABC News (AU)
5:15am PST - December 2nd, 2021