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School shootings: Sandy Hook parents' haunting video warning

The parents of children killed at Sandy Hook have put out a graphic video about mass shootings.

sandy hook promise - BBC News
11:30pm PDT - September 18th, 2019

Sandy Hook back-to-school video shows the horrors kids face in mass shootings

WARNING: UPSETTING FOOTAGE - Parents of children killed in the Sandy Hook school massacre, in the US, have put out the video to raise awareness about mass shootings

sandy hook promise - Mirror
8:57pm PDT - September 18th, 2019

School shooting fear porn? Gruesome imagery used to get people's attention (and sell clothes) inspires backlash

Violent scenes of kids running from an armed attacker are publicly applauded when released by a charity working against such tragedies, but what about a fashion show recycling such imagery? Is this fear porn or raising awareness? Read Full Article at

sandy hook promise - RT
4:59pm PDT - September 18th, 2019

Sandy Hook Promise releases gut-wrenching school shooting PSA

This month marked the start of a new school year for many American students. A new public service announcement was released by a group that wants to make sure they stay safe. As Jim Axelrod shows, it's tough to watch.

sandy hook promise - CBS News
4:05pm PDT - September 18th, 2019

MSNBC’s Wallace: Take the Guns or Give Terrorized American Children Mental Health Care

Wednesday on MSNBC's "Deadline," host Nicolle Wallace and her panel discussed a new public service announcement from Sandy Hook Promise, a nonprofit founded by the parents of victims of the 2012 Sandy Hook shootings.

sandy hook promise - Breitbart News
3:07pm PDT - September 18th, 2019

Sandy Hook Promise Trends on Twitter After School Safety Advocates Share Chilling Back-to-School Video

"Survive the school year with these must-have #BackToSchool essentials," the group Sandy Hook Promise tweeted. "This PSA contains graphic content."

sandy hook promise - Newsweek
10:47am PDT - September 18th, 2019

Sandy Hook Promise releases shocking PSA — with a point

A new back-to-school PSA released by the nonprofit gun violence prevention group Sandy Hook Promise on Wednesday is hard to watch, but there is a point. School shootings are preventable, if enough people are educated about the signs. The video starts like a t…

sandy hook promise - Mashable
10:04am PDT - September 18th, 2019

Gun Violence Prevention Group Releases ‘Back to School’ PSA Video Showing the Reality of School Shootings From Students’ Perspectives

Sandy Hook Promise's latest PSA video shows students sharing their back-to-school items as a school shooting breaks out.

sandy hook promise - Time
9:00am PDT - September 18th, 2019

Chilling advert shows deadly reality of school shootings in America with 'back-to-school essentials'

Public service announcement shows disturbing new reality for students heading back to school across the US

sandy hook promise - Independent
8:35am PDT - September 18th, 2019

Sandy Hook shooting victims' advocacy group airs chilling anti-school violence ad

Sandy Hook Promise, a non-profit organization led by family members of children massacred at a Connecticut elementary school in 2012, released a chilling public awareness advertisement for its violence prevention campaign on Wednesday.

sandy hook promise - Reuters
8:14am PDT - September 18th, 2019

Sandy Hook Promise's new PSA shows ‘new normal’ of school shootings

Parents who lost their children in one of the worst gun attacks in American history are taking matters into their own hands. Sandy Hook Promise founder Nicole Hockley joins Stephanie Ruhle to discuss the group’s shocking, new PSA and Congress’ “holding patter…

sandy hook promise - MSNBC
8:08am PDT - September 18th, 2019

Sandy Hook Promise's chilling back-to-school PSA hopes to prevent mass shootings

The new "back-to-school essentials" PSA from a nonproft connected to Sandy Hook wants to remind people that they can do things to prevent and stop mass shootings at schools.

sandy hook promise - CNN
7:46am PDT - September 18th, 2019

Sandy Hook parents release chilling 'back to school' PSA

The group's "Back to School Essentials" takes a dark look at the threat posed by guns on campus.

sandy hook promise - NBC News
7:44am PDT - September 18th, 2019

Sandy Hook PSA video shows students protecting themselves from shooter with back-to-school supplies

The video was released Wednesday by Sandy Hook Promise, a nonprofit founded parents of children killed in the 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

sandy hook promise - Daily Mail
7:28am PDT - September 18th, 2019

Sandy Hook Promise releases dramatic new ad

Anti-gun violence nonprofit Sandy Hook Promise released a dramatic new ad on Wednesday that depicts students using school supplies during an active shooter situation."These new sneakers are just what I needed for t...

sandy hook promise - The Hill
6:25am PDT - September 18th, 2019

A heart-stopping school shooting ad: No child should have to text last words to mom.

The new Sandy Hook public service announcement is brutal but not gratuitous. It tells us we must not accept gun violence in our schools as inevitable.

sandy hook promise - USA Today
5:00am PDT - September 18th, 2019

America's new normal? Video gives nightmarish look at school shootings

School safety advocacy group Sandy Hook Promise just released a chilling new video to start a conversation about violence at schools. Will it work?

sandy hook promise - USA Today
5:00am PDT - September 18th, 2019

Still arguing about politics? Stephanie Ruhle wants you to do this instead

Aim to open your opponent’s mind, not change it.

sandy hook promise - NBC News
5:27pm PDT - September 10th, 2019

New Initiative From Sandy Hook Parents Aims to Help Kids Overcome Social Isolation

The Sandy Hook Promise initiative will teach kids how to recognize social isolation among their peers and develop tools to overcome interpersonal barriers.

sandy hook promise - Newsweek
9:46am PDT - September 5th, 2019

High-capacity magazines get new scrutiny as Congress returns

High-capacity magazines have been a common denominator in several mass killings in recent years, and lawmakers are making a renewed push to ban them.

sandy hook promise - ABC News
11:26am PDT - September 2nd, 2019

Here’s Where All The 2020 Candidates Stand On Gun Control

Here’s what we know about each candidates’ stance on gun control, as well as past moves they’ve made in the fight for a safer country, and the most recent “grades” given to them by the National Rifle Association (NRA).

sandy hook promise - MTV News
11:23am PDT - August 23rd, 2019