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UConn's top recruit dropped a jaw-dropping dime that shows why she's primed to be one of the next big stars in college basketball

UConn 's next big star is captivating national audiences with jaw-dropping highlight reels a year before she'll step foot on Geno Auriemma 's court. Paige Bueckers is a 5-foot-11 point guard with flashy handles, unbelievable court vision, and an overall game …

waves - Business Insider
9:43am PST - December 6th, 2019

NASA’s Solar Probe Found Things Near the Sun That We Can’t Explain

Scientists say the unexplained rogue waves and high winds mean we are “missing something really fundamental in our standard models of the Sun.”

waves - Vice News
10:00am PST - December 4th, 2019

Lessons from M-Pesa for Africa’s new VC-rich fintech startups

Over the least decade, Africa has been in the midst of a startup boom accompanied by big growth in VC and improvements in internet and mobile penetration.

waves - TechCrunch
4:42am PST - December 4th, 2019

Sterling K. Brown on the Weight of 'Waves' and the Responsibility of Black Actors

The 'This Is Us' star spoke to VICE about the added labor Black actors face in choosing the stories they're part of, and how 'Waves' is a cautionary tale to parents everywhere.

waves - Vice News
4:00am PST - December 3rd, 2019

Typhoon Kammuri slams into the Philippines, disrupting flights and forcing thousands to flee

RAZVALE SAYAT/AFP via Getty Images Typhoon Kammuri hit the Philippines on Tuesday bringing heavy rains and prompting preemptive halts in air travel, schools and government offices, with some 200,000 people evacuated after warnings of floods and landslides. Ka…

waves - Business Insider
6:33pm PST - December 2nd, 2019

AWS launches Braket, its quantum computing service

While Google, Microsoft, IBM and others have made a lot of noise around their quantum computing efforts in recent months, AWS remained quiet. The company, after all, never had its own quantum research division. Today, though, AWS announced the preview launch …

waves - TechCrunch
10:36am PST - December 2nd, 2019

Rising seas threaten early end for sinking village in Philippines

Danica Martinez, 16, grew up in a house that grows taller every few years.

waves - Reuters
4:49pm PST - November 29th, 2019

A network of cables at the bottom of the ocean is helping scientists detect earthquakes

A network of deep-sea cables near Monterey Bay, California, is helping researchers detect seismic activity at the bottom of the ocean. Researchers used the cables to record a 3.5-magnitude earthquake in Gilroy, California. They also used them to discover a ne…

waves - Business Insider
11:00am PST - November 28th, 2019

Blind climber pushing boundaries by leading 449-foot climb

Climbing a huge rock tower above crashing waves off a remote Scottish island is difficult enough, but imagine trying to do it if you're blind.

waves - CNN
1:38am PST - November 28th, 2019

AI recreates videos people are watching by reading their minds

By analysing people's brain waves, artificial intelligence could work out what videos people were watching and roughly recreate them on a screen

waves - New Scientist
7:44am PST - November 26th, 2019

Bees are able to 'surf' when they're stuck in water, study says

When stuck in water, honeybees are able to use their wings to generate waves that they then surf on to safety, a new study has revealed.

waves - Fox News
5:10am PST - November 25th, 2019

Heat waves and floods shattered records. Fires ravaged the Arctic and the Amazon. This was the climate crisis in 2019.

So far, 2019 is the second-hottest year on record. Arctic sea ice reached new lows as carbon emissions reached new highs. Climate change makes heat waves hotter, hurricanes stronger, and forests more flammable. The world saw that play out this year. Here's ho…

waves - Business Insider
8:32am PST - November 22nd, 2019

Campaigns Say Google Ad Policy Sidesteps Problem of Disinformation

Campaigns and some digital experts say the restrictions limit a tactic — microtargeting of voters — that they heavily rely on, while not aggressively addressing misinformation.

waves - The New York Times
4:35pm PST - November 21st, 2019

Listen to the Wild Sounds of a Solar Storm Hitting Earth

Scientists created eerie sonifications of the waves produced by Earth’s magnetic field when it is juiced by radiation from solar storms.

waves - Vice News
5:00am PST - November 20th, 2019

Here’s One Reason the U.S. Military Can’t Fix Its Own Equipment

Manufacturers can prevent the Department of Defense from repairing certain equipment, which puts members of the military at risk.

waves - The New York Times
3:00am PST - November 20th, 2019

Ayahuasca alters brain waves to produce waking dream-like state, study finds

Scientists at Imperial College London took EEG readings of subjects under the influence.

waves - Ars Technica
3:09pm PST - November 19th, 2019

Watch Bees Surf to Safety on Waves They Create

When honeybees fall into water, they generate their own ripples then glide to dry land, a study found.

waves - The New York Times
12:00pm PST - November 18th, 2019

East Coast storm will bring icy mix, coastal flooding to the Northeast

A coastal storm is moving north this morning after pounding the outer banks of North Carolina over the weekend with huge waves coastal flooding and gusty winds.

waves - ABC News
5:40am PST - November 18th, 2019

Trump Against the Professionals

The foreign policy question (deep) underneath impeachment.

waves - The New York Times
11:30am PST - November 16th, 2019

Israel-Gaza: Israel vows to investigate civilian death claims

Israel says it is investigating claims an airstrike killed eight members of one family in Gaza.

waves - BBC News
3:32pm PST - November 15th, 2019

Factbox: Technology for Alphabet's futuristic smart city dream in Toronto

Alphabet's Sidewalk Labs released a detailed overview on Friday of the futuristic technology it intends to incorporate in the smart city it wants to build in Toronto.

waves - Reuters
12:58pm PST - November 15th, 2019

Israel-Gaza ceasefire strained by rockets and air strikes

Both sides warn they are prepared to retaliate a day after a fragile truce halts a violent flare-up.

waves - BBC News
1:43am PST - November 15th, 2019

Israel-Gaza violence spirals after killing of top Palestinian militant

The death of a Palestinian commander triggers some of the most intense fighting for months.

waves - BBC News
8:55am PST - November 12th, 2019

Instacart is under fire for how it compensates shoppers

The Tech Workers Coalition and Gig Workers Rising are outside the company’s headquarters in San Francisco this morning in support of shoppers, who demand Instacart reinstate the $3 quality bonus, implement a 10% default tip and eliminate its service fees. Las…

waves - TechCrunch
8:18am PST - November 12th, 2019

Here's the blueprint for the huge 'Watchmen' vibrator

The Dr. Manhattan vibrator made waves — figuratively but also presumably literally — when it debuted on HBO’s Watchmen a week ago. The network seems to have heard fans’ cries for more vibrator content, and they’ve delivered. Peteypedia is Watchmen ’s Pottermo…

waves - Mashable
7:34am PST - November 11th, 2019