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Biden asks Amy Klobuchar to undergo vetting as possible running mate

The Minnesota senator is one of several contenders being scrutinized by Biden aides ahead of a final decision.

val demings - CBS News
10:22am PDT - May 22nd, 2020

Testy exchange with Charlamagne Tha God...

Testy exchange with Charlamagne Tha God... (First column, 2nd story, link) Related stories:BIDEN: 'YOU AIN'T BLACK' IF BACK TRUMP... Uses 'Blaccent' During Interview... Journalist Says Would Support Joe Even 'If Boiled Babies and Ate T…

val demings - Associated Press
9:04am PDT - May 22nd, 2020

Joe Biden Dodges Question About Whether Klobuchar Will Be His Running-Mate

Asked about reporting that Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota had agreed to be vetted, Biden said “no one’s been vetted yet by the team.”

val demings - Time
11:26pm PDT - May 21st, 2020

Veepstakes: More contenders for Biden's running mate emerge on short list and undergo vetting

Sen. Amy Klobuchar reportedly was asked by Biden's campaign to undergo vetting, and Rep. Val Demings said she was honored to be "on the short list."

val demings - USA Today
6:11pm PDT - May 21st, 2020

Biden's vice president shortlist emerges, as Demings, Klobuchar say they're being vetted

Biden has said he expects the vetting process to take five to eight weeks, which would point to an announcement occurring no sooner than July.

val demings - NBC News
3:17pm PDT - May 21st, 2020

These Are the Women Joe Biden Has Been Interviewing as Potential Vice Presidents

The presumptive Democratic nominee has begun interviews with several women to be his running mate.

val demings - Newsweek
2:21pm PDT - May 21st, 2020

Demings says she's on Biden's VP short list

Rep. Val Demings (D-Fla.) said Thursday she's on the "short list" of candidates that presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is considering to be his running mate."I am on the short list and I'm honor...

val demings - The Hill
1:53pm PDT - May 21st, 2020

Biden asks Amy Klobuchar to undergo vetting to be running mate

The presumptive Democratic nominee has officially asked former opponent Amy Klobuchar to undergo vetting to be his running mate, one of several potential contenders being scrutinized by aides.

val demings - CBS News
1:01pm PDT - May 21st, 2020

How Joe Biden Transformed the Competition for the Vice Presidency

Biden's promise to pick a woman running mate and his description of himself as a "transition candidate" have intensified the process

val demings - Time
10:30am PDT - May 21st, 2020

Joe Biden’s VP Search Is Turning Into an Open Audition

And almost everyone he knows wants to weigh in.

val demings - New York Magazine
9:51am PDT - May 21st, 2020

Biden’s veep search enters new phase as selection committee steps up activity

The high-profile race on the periphery of the 2020 presidential contest - to become presumptive nominee Joe Biden's running mate - is charging ahead.

val demings - ABC News
7:43am PDT - May 21st, 2020

The ‘Law and Order’ Trap

Some Democrats are agitating for Biden to try to get to the right of the Republican Party on crime. They shouldn’t.

val demings - New York Magazine
6:44am PDT - May 20th, 2020

2020 Daily Trail Markers: Biden's search for a VP is likely underway

While he has also said that at least a dozen women are under consideration, sources have told CBS News Biden is seriously considering five to eight of these potential picks.

val demings - CBS News
4:40pm PDT - May 19th, 2020

Who might be Joe Biden's running mate?

He is said to be seriously considering five to eight women for the job of vice president.

val demings - CBS News
10:11am PDT - May 19th, 2020

Who might be Joe Biden's running mate?

He is said to be seriously considering five to eight women for the job of vice president.

val demings - CBS News
7:42am PDT - May 19th, 2020

'Damage done': Trump's virus purge backfires as Congress zeroes in on fired watchdogs

Pres. Trump is facing rebukes for ousting State Dept Inspector General Steve Linick – capping a string of unusual firings during the pandemic to make it the fourth ousting of an Inspector General in just two months. House Democrats allege Linick was ousted fo…

val demings - MSNBC
4:14pm PDT - May 18th, 2020

Can Joe Biden afford to ask these women to give up their day jobs? -

  1. Can Joe Biden afford to ask these women to give up their day jobs?
  2. State polls suggest Biden has a clear national lead  CNN
  3. Swing-state Republicans warn Trump's reelection is on shaky ground  POLITICO
  4. Liz Pee…

    val demings - NBC News
    5:40am PDT - May 18th, 2020

Biden plans to pick a female running mate. Would it make a difference if she's black?

Joe Biden has committed to selecting a female running mate. But will he also decide that, more specifically, he needs to pick an African American woman?

val demings - NBC News
10:31am PDT - May 17th, 2020

Val Demings’ stock rises on VP shortlist

The Florida congresswoman is attracting an increasing amount of attention from Biden advisers, donors and congressional Democrats.

val demings - Politico
3:48am PDT - May 17th, 2020

Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams endorses Biden for U.S. president

Former Georgia state minority leader Stacey Abrams, a possible Democratic vice presidential pick, endorsed presumptive nominee Joe Biden for U.S. president on Tuesday, citing his stance on climate chance, economic recovery and voting rights.

val demings - Reuters
4:38am PDT - May 12th, 2020

Biden says ex-House impeachment manager Val Demings among potential VP picks

ORLANDO, FLA. - Former Vice President Joe Biden said on Thursday that Rep. Val Demings (D-Fla.) was on his list of potential running mates."She is one of a group of close to a dozen really qualified and talented wo...

val demings - The Hill
3:52pm PDT - May 7th, 2020

HHS chief suggests workers are to blame for COVID outbreaks at meatpacking plants: report

Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Alex Azar reportedly suggested that the social habits and living conditions of workers at meatpacking plants were the reason for recent outbreaks at processing facilities.A...

val demings - The Hill
9:01am PDT - May 7th, 2020

Rep. Demings: Unemployment system 'nightmare after nightmare'

Congresswoman Val Demings (D-FL) tells Ayman Mohyeldin that a revamping of her state's unemployment system requires an "all hands on deck response' from state officials. Demings says that along with supporting the jobless, House Democrats will "go it alone" o…

val demings - MSNBC
8:03am PDT - May 7th, 2020

'Colossal Mistake': Democrats Criticize Trump's Decision to Wind Down Coronavirus Task Force

Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said the administration appeared to have "no plan" for handling the pandemic.

val demings - Newsweek
1:50am PDT - May 6th, 2020

Having a woman of color as his running mate could help Joe Biden. This explains how.

Trump will attack his racial record. A candidate of color helps neutralize those attacks.

val demings - The Washington Post
11:05pm PDT - May 5th, 2020