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USA vs Chilie today: 2019 Women's World Cup highlights, score, next game schedule and Thailand woman's soccer team scores first goal (updated)

Women's World Cup today: USA beats Chile 3-0; Sweden beats Thailand 5-1; First goal for Thailand woman's soccer team - live updates from today

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4:50pm PDT - June 16th, 2019

Opinion: Shakeup in the House of Trump

Within a few hours last week, two pillars of the Trump White House shook. On Thursday, President Donald Trump revealed that Sarah Sanders is leaving to return to Arkansas. And his adviser Kellyanne Conway's fate was put into question, Richard Galant says.

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6:15am PDT - June 16th, 2019

Female Representation in Videogames Isn't Getting Any Better

The number of female protagonists in games showcased at E3 has remained low for years.

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5:00am PDT - June 14th, 2019

This is the bottom line about the US women's 13-0 blowout

The US women's national soccer team's historic 13-0 win over Thailand -- the heaviest defeat in World Cup history -- has certainly gotten tongues wagging about how many goals scored are too many, or if that should even be a thing. It seems that even when the …

us women's soccer - CNN
12:33pm PDT - June 12th, 2019

US catches heat for World Cup goal celebrations

The U.S. women's national team faced criticism following its record-breaking 13-0 rout of Thailand

us women's soccer - Fox Sports
11:14am PDT - June 12th, 2019

Soccer analyst Alexi Lalas says the US women are now bigger 'villains' with an even larger target on their backs after beating Thailand 13-0

The United States defeated Thailand, 13-0, in the 2019 FIFA World Cup on Tuesday. The team has been met with criticism for running up the score and celebrating late goals. Soccer analyst Alexi Lalas defended the team's behavior but noted that this makes them …

us women's soccer - Business Insider
10:31am PDT - June 12th, 2019

Megan Rapinoe says Team USA's 'only crime was an explosion of joy' amid criticisms of running up the score at the World Cup

The U.S. Women's National Team received some criticism for running up the score and what was perceived as excessive celebrations as they beat Thailand, 13-0, in their opening match of the World Cup. U.S. forward Megan Rapinoe defended the team, saying their "…

us women's soccer - Business Insider
10:01am PDT - June 12th, 2019

The US women's national team dominates soccer, but here's why the US men's team sucks

The US women's national team (USWNT) beat Thailand 13-0 in its opening World Cup match. The USWNT continues to make strides and find success against powerful international opponents. The US men's national team, on the other hand, just can't seem to catch up. …

us women's soccer - Business Insider
7:24am PDT - June 12th, 2019

WATCH: US women make World Cup history

The United States won its first FIFA Women's World Cup match 13-0. ABC News' Will Ganss reports.

us women's soccer - ABC News
2:34am PDT - June 12th, 2019

US women’s national team kicks off World Cup campaign against Thailand - Fox News

US women’s national team kicks off World Cup campaign against Thailand Fox News Women's World Cup: U.S. Is 'Ready, Excited, Hungry' As It Takes On Thailand NPR US and Thailand are last to kick off the World Cup Hope Solo's comments loom larg…

us women's soccer - Fox News
9:32am PDT - June 11th, 2019

Why the best female soccer player is skipping the Women's World Cup - Fox News

Why the best female soccer player is skipping the Women's World Cup Fox News Norway Might Have Won The Whole Thing, If Only They Hadn't Alienated The Best Player In The World Deadspin Why you won't see Ada Hegerberg, the world's best player, at the Women's Wo…

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7:50am PDT - June 6th, 2019

Opinion: Why this World Cup will show how investing in women pays off

Although the U.S. women continue to fight U.S. Soccer over discrimination ahead of the World Cup, investment in the game is coming from elsewhere.

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2:25pm PDT - May 30th, 2019

Two of England's biggest football clubs played the Europa League final in a half-empty stadium thanks to some poor planning by UEFA

The Europa League final was a poorly attended affair, with thousands of empty seats at Baku Olympic Stadium. The final was held in Baku, Azerbaijan, leaving a 3,000-mile trek for fans from London who wished to support their favorite teams in person. Ultimatel…

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2:16pm PDT - May 29th, 2019

Millennials like me waited to start families. Paid leave will let me spend time with them.

When I came home to an empty apartment, I didn’t care about spending nine or 10 hours at the office each day. Once I had a family, that changed.

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2:00am PDT - May 26th, 2019

The 15 greatest villains in sport

Sports can generate feel-good stories showcasing people who have worked all of their lives to achieve something very few ever get close to. This is not a list celebrating those stories. We've rounded up the cheats, the thugs, and the downright annoying athlet…

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2:43am PDT - May 18th, 2019

Kudos to FIFA USA Women's Soccer Team for winning their first game vs Thailand. Professional athletes train to play their best. No guilt about 13-0 score. #USWomen'sSoccer #FIFA #NoGuilt #Thailand #Kudos

justsaying (@ChewThisAround)
5:45pm PDT - June 13th, 2019

Who are you a little whiny crybaby’s out there about the US women’s soccer destroying Thailand it’s part of sports get better or get off the field! #USWomen’sSoccer @Usawomensoccer1 #soccer @espn #playhard #leaveitonthefield

RizBiz45 (@RBiz45)
1:48pm PDT - June 12th, 2019