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Shutdown is a body blow for freelancers

Congress has just passed a historic $2 trillion stimulus package that was signed into law by President Donald Trump on Friday afternoon. Beyond giving most Americans direct assistance in the form of a one-time check, it extends unemployment benefits to worker…

unemployment benefits - CNN
12:36pm PDT - March 30th, 2020

Instacart shoppers say company’s response to strike demands are ‘insulting’

Over the weekend, Instacart outlined its plans to better support shoppers amid the COVID-19 pandemic. For starters, Instacart has begun distributing its own hand sanitizer and disinfecting supplies and is working to place sanitation stations inside some retai…

unemployment benefits - TechCrunch
9:16am PDT - March 30th, 2020

Everything you need to know if you've recently been laid off and are applying for unemployment benefits

Craig F. Walker/The Boston Globe via Getty Images A record 3.3 million people applied for unemployment benefits in the week ending March 21 as the coronavirus outbreak continued to batter the US economy. The Department of Labor has issued new guidance to stat…

unemployment benefits - Business Insider
7:21am PDT - March 29th, 2020

A Hospital Train, DIY Face Shields, and More Car News This Week

The French repurpose a high-speed TGV to ferry coronavirus patients,  while engineers and automakers step up to help those on the medical front line.

unemployment benefits - Wired
6:00am PDT - March 29th, 2020

Trump snubbed Pelosi by not inviting her to signing of the historic, $2 trillion coronavirus bill she helped negotiate

President Donald Trump did not invite House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, or any Democrats, to the signing of the historic $2 trillion coronavirus relief bill. The bill, which Pelosi played a key role in negotiating, is the largest economic stimulus in US history. Th…

unemployment benefits - Business Insider
4:02pm PDT - March 27th, 2020

A U.S. recession? Probably. Depression? Only if the virus is untamed

WASHINGTON - A U.S. recession may already be underway. Could it be worse?

unemployment benefits - Reuters
10:42am PDT - March 27th, 2020

GM employees will have 20% of their pay deferred as the coronavirus pandemic hits the auto industry hard (GM)

General Motors' 69,000 salaried employees worldwide will defer 20% of compensation, starting April 1, as the automaker contends with the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. Executives and senior leaders are taking a 25% and 30% reduction, respectively, and board m…

unemployment benefits - Business Insider
8:15am PDT - March 27th, 2020

Stocks fall sharply Friday morning as the mid-week recovery falls short

The major American stock market indices are down sharply this morning at the open, with stocks falling after a multi-day rally helped shave some losses off their calendar-year results. So far, 2020 has proven to be a toxic year for publicly traded equity, as …

unemployment benefits - TechCrunch
6:49am PDT - March 27th, 2020

Asia stocks rise on bets of more stimulus as dollar rally fades

Asian stocks rose on Friday as investors wagered policymakers will roll out additional stimulus measures to combat the coronavirus pandemic after U.S. unemployment filings surged to a record.

unemployment benefits - Reuters
5:39pm PDT - March 26th, 2020

Movie-theater owners are optimistic that the $2 trillion stimulus bill will help their industry as it feels the impact of the coronavirus

The Senate passed a $2 trillion stimulus bill on Wednesday to aid struggling businesses and boost the economy during the coronavirus pandemic. It awaits passage by the House and President Trump's signature. The National Association of Theater Owners is confid…

unemployment benefits - Business Insider
9:22am PDT - March 26th, 2020

Record Jobless Claims Are Overwhelming States’ Aging Tech

Laid-off workers struggle to file claims for unemployment benefits; economists say the situation will likely get worse.

unemployment benefits - Wired
9:13am PDT - March 26th, 2020

A record-shattering number of Americans filed for unemployment last week — here's what the situation looks like in each state

A record 3.28 million Americans filed for unemployment benefits in the week ending March 21 as coronavirus-induced layoffs surge around the country. Some states have been hit harder than others, potentially due to individual orders to curb the spread of COVID…

unemployment benefits - Business Insider
8:27am PDT - March 26th, 2020

3.28 Million Americans Filed for Unemployment Last Week, Shattering Previous Record

The surge in weekly applications was a stunning reflection of the damage the coronavirus outbreak is doing to the economy.

unemployment benefits - Time
7:16am PDT - March 26th, 2020

As unemployment claims see record high, hear from those affected

More than 3 million unemployment claims were filed last week.

unemployment benefits - ABC News
6:15am PDT - March 26th, 2020

U.S. weekly jobless claims surge to a record 3.28 million as coronavirus spurs mass layoffs

The number of Americans filing claims for unemployment benefits shot to record of more than 3 million last week as strict measures to contain the coronavirus pandemic ground the country to a sudden halt, unleashing a wave of layoffs that likely brought an end…

unemployment benefits - Reuters
5:39am PDT - March 26th, 2020

Uber's CEO welcomed a $2 trillion stimulus bill that would finally let US drivers claim unemployment insurance

AP Photo/Mark Lennihan The Senate on Wednesday passed its $2 trillion coronavirus economic bailout bill, which included provisions that would make gig-economy workers eligible for unemployment insurance. Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi welcomed the bill, and said …

unemployment benefits - Business Insider
4:58am PDT - March 26th, 2020

Newly jobless Americans worry about making ends meet

Optician Ali Nelson sent the final few orders of eyeglasses to clients last week before her Washington D.C.-based store closed to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

unemployment benefits - Reuters
10:06pm PDT - March 25th, 2020

The new stimulus package would allow people to claim an extra $600 in unemployment benefits a week. Here's what you need to know if you're applying.

The new $2 trillion stimulus package proposed in the Senate would allow people to claim an extra $600 per week in unemployment benefits for up to four months, according to Vox. In January, the average unemployment insurance check was $385 per week. The bill a…

unemployment benefits - Business Insider
10:21am PDT - March 25th, 2020

Coronavirus outbreak means gig workers from Uber, Lyft barely get paid

As ride requests shrivel up and shared rides are pulled from the Uber and Lyft apps, drivers are feeling the economic impact of COVID-19, the official term for the disease spreading in the new coronavirus outbreak. With most of the U.S. ordered to shelter in …

unemployment benefits - Mashable
8:57am PDT - March 25th, 2020

US stock futures rise after Congress reaches stimulus bill deal

The stock market's roller coaster week continues as investors continue to worry about the coronavirus outbreak. Here are the latest updates on the Dow, S&P 500, companies and more.

unemployment benefits - CNN
3:37am PDT - March 25th, 2020

SF supervisors push for more gig worker protections during the coronavirus pandemic

San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors is pushing a number of legislative bodies to offer more protections and benefits for gig workers during COVID-19 pandemic. As gig workers are still out delivering food to people and providing rides, supervisors are asking …

unemployment benefits - TechCrunch
12:00pm PDT - March 24th, 2020

5 signs you'll probably have enough money to get by if you're laid off

Layoffs are mounting for American workers as the coronavirus pandemic continues to reshape daily life. If you've lost your job or been placed on unpaid leave as a result of the crisis, it doesn't always mean you're financially doomed. An emergency fund, unemp…

unemployment benefits - Business Insider
7:33am PDT - March 24th, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic will almost certainly cause a permanent expansion of America's social safety net

Martha Soukup / Flickr, CC The coronavirus pandemic is exposing inherent flaws in the US' social safety net. And lawmakers are tripping over themselves to show just how seriously they're taking the crisis. Major entitlements and governmental agencies have bee…

unemployment benefits - Business Insider
5:33am PDT - March 21st, 2020

Dow set to jump about 1,000 points

The stock market's roller coaster week continues as investors continue to worry about the coronavirus outbreak. Go here for the latest updates on the Dow, S&P 500, companies and more.

unemployment benefits - CNN
3:46am PDT - March 20th, 2020

America's cleaners: fighting on the coronavirus front line

It's been roughly two weeks since Amazon encouraged most employees at its Seattle headquarters to work remotely after one tested positive for coronavirus.

unemployment benefits - Reuters
7:02am PDT - March 19th, 2020