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'Struggling' Zuckerberg decides doing nothing is best when it comes to Trump

Mark Zuckerberg has officially weighed in and —surprise! — after much deliberation has decided that doing nothing is the right and just thing. On Friday afternoon, the Facebook CEO posted a lengthy note explaining his company's labored response to Donald Trum…

the high note - Mashable
5:15pm PDT - May 29th, 2020

JPMorgan provides 5 charts that suggest the stock market still has 'plenty of room' to rise from current levels

  • Stocks still have plenty of room to rise from current levels, according to a note published by JPMorgan on Friday.
  • The bank largely pointed to investors' underweight equity positioning as a main driver for stocks to move higher over the medi…

    the high note - Business Insider
    12:22pm PDT - May 29th, 2020

These are the 8 mega-billionaires who have gotten the biggest boost to their net worth this year as the world has grappled with coronavirus

  • The coronavirus pandemic has roiled global markets, which have whiplashed over the last two months. 
  • While the Nasdaq has recovered from the March market meltdown, the S&P 500 and Dow Jones industrial average are still in negative territory …

    the high note - Business Insider
    6:45am PDT - May 28th, 2020

Belkin's new smart speaker combines high-end audio, Google Assistant support, and wireless phone charging into one handy package

  • The Belkin Soundform Elite combines premium audio, Google Assistant support, and wireless charging into one convenient smart speaker.
  • The speaker's wireless charging works well for both Android and iOS smartphones, and the charging pad skill…

    the high note - Business Insider
    2:13pm PDT - May 27th, 2020

HBO Max is available today -- here’s what you need to know

After months of hype, WarnerMedia’s latest streaming service is here. HBO Max -- not to be confused with HBO Go or HBO Now -- is available today, and its debut brings a host of originals and exclusives to get you to sign up for yet another service. Max offers…

the high note - Engadget
7:00am PDT - May 27th, 2020

A hospital lab director vetted a 'multitude' of coronavirus tests. Here are the ones that are the most accurate and how you should use them.

  • Dr. Robert Babkowski, laboratory director at Stamford Health, vetted a "multitude" of coronavirus tests.
  • He told Wall Street analysts at Jefferies that the best ones are made by Abbott Laboratories, Roche, and Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, acc…

    the high note - Business Insider
    11:40am PDT - May 26th, 2020

Razer Opus Review: Magnum Opus for Gaming Audio

A challenger has appeared: the company's newest gaming headset takes aim at high-end headphones.

the high note - Wired
5:00am PDT - May 24th, 2020

Has the housing market reached the bottom? New data suggests the market has already started to recover.

  • A report by Bank of America (BofA) points to early data that it says suggests the housing market has already reached the bottom — nearly a year ahead of schedule, compared to a prior BofA forecast.
  • The report points to the increases in mortg…

    the high note - Business Insider
    6:15am PDT - May 23rd, 2020

Here's how note-taking app Evernote, once a high-flying unicorn startup, is 'going back to basics' by completely rebuilding its app to win back the skeptical users it lost

  • The note-taking app Evernote was one of Silicon Valley's first "unicorn" startups, but its growth slowed and it struggled to generate revenue as users complained about glitches, such as how its Android and iOS apps were incompatible with each other.<…

    the high note - Business Insider
    5:45am PDT - May 23rd, 2020

Bound by science, bent by politics: Inside the FDA's reversals and walkbacks as it grapples with the coronavirus pandemic

Dr. Stephen Hahn repeatedly pledged in a CNN interview Tuesday that science and data would be his "north star" while leading the Food and Drug Administration through the coronavirus pandemic. Then, a few hours later, President Donald Trump went on national te…

the high note - CNN
3:48pm PDT - May 22nd, 2020

I have a credit score in the high 700s, and I always check one thing on my credit report before applying for a new card

  • I've had more than 20 credit cards, and my credit score has consistently remained in the high 700s because I always pay my bills in full and on time and keep my total credit utilization low.
  • I also manage my credit card applications to avoid…

    the high note - Business Insider
    9:41am PDT - May 21st, 2020

T-Mobile’s free mobile service for first responders is now available

T-Mobile is making good on one of the biggest promises it made to convince regulators to approve its Sprint merger: it’s launching its Connecting Heroes program, which offers free cell service for 10 years to law enforcement, fire, and EMS agencies.

the high note - The Verge
9:04am PDT - May 21st, 2020

Here are the best savings accounts right now

The best savings accounts right now:

  • Ally Bank: Best savings account overall
  • Vio High-Yield Savings Account : Best savings account for high APY
  • Capital One: Best savings account for kids/teens
  • Synchrony Bank: Best savi…

    the high note - Business Insider
    7:46am PDT - May 21st, 2020

Here are the best high-yield savings accounts right now

The best high-yield savings accounts right now:
Account Annual Percentage Yield (APY)* Editor's Note
Ally High Yield Savings Account 1.25% APY Best Overall
Vio HYS …

the high note - Business Insider
7:38am PDT - May 21st, 2020

This UX specialist opened 12 UK bank accounts and ‘logged everything’

“I’ve got a really high attention to detail, which might sound great, but it’s possibly a curse because I can’t help but spot problems with everything around me,” says Peter Ramsey . He’s the founder of Built for Mars, a U.K.-based UX advisory, and he has spe…

the high note - TechCrunch
3:30am PDT - May 21st, 2020

US investment-grade debt issuance tops $1 trillion on back of Fed purchases

  • US investment-grade bond issuance topped $1 trillion on Tuesday as the corporate-credit market rebounds from March lows.
  • High-grade issuance on Tuesday reached $11.2 billion across 11 deals, Bank of America strategists said in a note. 
  • the high note - Business Insider
    11:39am PDT - May 20th, 2020

Economists forecast an additional 2.4 million Americans filed for unemployment insurance last week

  • The median economist estimate for jobless claims in the week ending May 16 is 2.4 million, according to Bloomberg data. The Labor Department will release the official report Thursday. 
  • While it would be another week of declining claims, the …

    the high note - Business Insider
    10:11am PDT - May 20th, 2020

The argument for negative interest rates in the US has strengthened, Goldman says

  • The case for negative interest rates in the US has strengthened, according to a note from Goldman Sachs published on Tuesday.
  • While Fed Chairman Jerome Powell has stuck to his position that negative interest rates are off the table, negative…

    the high note - Business Insider
    6:19am PDT - May 20th, 2020

Coronavirus and the indoor farming revolution

NOTE FOR 2020 READERS: This is the eleventh in a series of open letters to the next century, now just 80 years away. The series asks: What will the world look like at the other end of our kids' lives?Dear 22nd Century,For all the pain, grief and economic hard…

the high note - Mashable
2:30am PDT - May 19th, 2020

Where to buy the best-tasting, highest quality seafood online

  • Navigating the e-commerce world for fresh, high-quality seafood is full of obstacles and trepidation, and the last thing you want is to end up with overpriced and weeks- or months-old fish at a premium price.
  • We spent eight months sifting th…

    the high note - Business Insider
    11:23am PDT - May 15th, 2020

Why did Apple buy NextVR?

After plenty of talk about AR as the next computing platform, Apple may have more interest in virtual reality than they’ve previously forecasted. Following an April report from 9to5mac, today Apple confirmed the acquisition of VR broadcasting startup NextVR t…

the high note - TechCrunch
1:39pm PDT - May 14th, 2020

Economists forecast another 2.5 million Americans filed for unemployment insurance last week

  • The median economist forecast for jobless claims in the week ending May 9 is 2.5 million, according to Bloomberg data.
  • If Thursday's report from the Labor Department is near the estimate, it will mark another consecutive week of declining cl…

    the high note - Business Insider
    12:49pm PDT - May 13th, 2020

The benefits of a negative US interest rate may outweigh the costs, JPMorgan says

  • JPMorgan strategists argued that the benefit of negative US interest rates may outweigh the cost. 
  • "Mildly negative rates such as -10bp for a year or two could be beneficial in the current conjuncture," wrote a team of strategists led by Nik…

    the high note - Business Insider
    7:18am PDT - May 13th, 2020

DispatchTrack, a last-mile logistics platform, raises $144M in its first-ever funding

The current state of our COVID-19 world has underscored more than ever before the need for reliable delivery and e-commerce services: consumers sheltering in place are shopping more than ever online and getting items brought directly to their homes; and retai…

the high note - TechCrunch
3:15am PDT - May 12th, 2020

Motorola Edge Plus review: A good try, but not enough to recommend against Apple, Samsung, and OnePlus phones

  • Motorola's $1,000 Edge Plus smartphone is good, but it's not good enough to steal your eyes from Apple, Samsung, or OnePlus phones. 
  • The main things going for it are its powerful specs, which are albeit common in high-end phones. The phone a…

    the high note - Business Insider
    1:31pm PDT - May 11th, 2020