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Are There Enough Strawberries in a Strawberry Pop-Tart? Court Might Decide...

Lawsuit asks for $5 million in relief, claiming the toaster pastries actually contain more pears and apples; ‘non-strawberry fruit ingredients’

strawberry pop-tarts lawsuit - The Wall Street Journal
5:16am PDT - October 26th, 2021

Why is Kellogg's Getting Sued Over Its Strawberry Pop-Tarts?

Kellogg's is up against a class action lawsuit over its Strawberry Pop-Tarts. This is everything you need to know about the legal action.

strawberry pop-tarts lawsuit - Newsweek
12:42am PDT - October 26th, 2021

'Gutfeld' on Enes Kanter speaking against Communist China

'Gutfeld' welcomed guests Vivek Ramaswamy and Blother.

strawberry pop-tarts lawsuit - Fox News
3:32am PDT - October 25th, 2021

Kellogg's faces lawsuit over lack of real strawberries in Strawberry Pop-Tarts

A class-action lawsuit is being filed against Kellogg's by plaintiff Anita Harris claiming that the company is falsely advertising by labeling its Frosted Strawberry Pop-Tarts as containing "strawberry," according to a re...

strawberry pop-tarts lawsuit - The Hill
10:29am PDT - October 22nd, 2021

'Gutfeld' on US supply chain crisis

'Gutfeld' welcomed guest Joe Machi.

strawberry pop-tarts lawsuit - Fox News
4:07am PDT - October 22nd, 2021
The question becomes—Are you Eating @KelloggCompany @PopTartsUS, the

The question becomes—Are you Eating @KelloggCompany @PopTartsUS, the "Whole Grain Frosted Strawberry Toaster Pastries”? If so, take a look at the recently filed lawsuit.

Roseann Termini (@RoseannTermini)
8:38am PST - November 24th, 2021

I never wanted to be litigious however IF that dusty broad wins her lawsuit bc pop tarts aren’t strawberry enough for her I’m suing companies that sell banana flavored candy & popsicles without explicitly labeling the flavor.

Sha (@Shana_OOS)
6:28pm PST - November 18th, 2021
The strawberry Pop-Tarts lawsuit is no joke: Mislabeling by Big Food is a real problem - #content

The strawberry Pop-Tarts lawsuit is no joke: Mislabeling by Big Food is a real problem - #content

Proper Guide (@ProperGuide)
11:23pm PST - November 15th, 2021

Ingredients state that the processed breakfast food has 2% or less of “dried strawberries, dried pears, dried apples,” along with food coloring “red 40.” Anita Harris said that the company is misleading consumers when labeling its strawberry Pop-Tarts.

The New 93Q (@TheNew93Q)
6:01am PST - November 14th, 2021

RT @8NewsNow: LAWSUIT: Strawberry Pop-Tarts don't contain enough strawberries #8NN

Julian (@wholiansarabia)
8:10pm PDT - November 4th, 2021

Hmmm... "According to the lawsuit, the advertising on boxes for their strawberry Pop-Tarts is misleading because the filling uses fewer strawberries than expected. The complainant said the pastry contains more pears and apples than strawberries."

Pfizer and Brimstone (@whatdedesays)
9:32am PDT - November 3rd, 2021

RT @vrb1955: NY woman suing Kellogg's over fruit filling in strawberry Pop-Tarts via @6abc

GJS (@smudgeswoshy51)
5:57am PDT - November 1st, 2021

RT @CaseySeiler: .@hudsonvalley resident sues @KelloggsUS for $5M, alleging false claims in Whole Grain Strawberry @PopTartsUS packaging. (…

Robin Catalano (@robin_catalano)
4:35am PDT - November 1st, 2021