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New US coronavirus case may be 1st from unknown origin

Health officials say new coronavirus case in California could be the first in the U.S. that has no known connection to travel abroad or another known case

solano county - ABC News
9:46am PST - February 27th, 2020

Coronavirus Update as Death Toll Hits 2,800, Outbreak Spreads to 47 Countries

With new cases across Brazil, Europe and the Middle East, the deadly virus has now spread to every continent except Antarctica.

solano county - Newsweek
6:27am PST - February 27th, 2020

Coronavirus live updates: Possible community spread in US, Japan to close all schools

As of Thursday, more than 81,400 cases of coronavirus have been reported, resulting in at least 2,770 deaths.

solano county - CNBC
4:39am PST - February 27th, 2020

U.S. Coronavirus Patient in California Wasn't Tested for COVID-19 for Days

Over 2,800 people have died of COVID-19 in over 82,000 cases worldwide.

solano county - Newsweek
1:30am PST - February 27th, 2020

Patient in California did not have the travel history or exposure to another patient to be infected, CDC says

A patient being treated for novel coronavirus at UC Davis Medical Center was admitted to the facility last week but wasn't tested until Sunday, according to a letter sent to UC Davis staff and obtained by CNN.

solano county - CNN
12:50am PST - February 27th, 2020

US cities and counties are declaring emergencies to free up funding in case the coronavirus outbreak grows. Here's why it's not necessarily a reason to panic.

So far four US cities and counties have declared public health emergencies over the new coronavirus. The declaration is meant as a preparedness plan, but officials said residents should not worry that they're at a higher risk of contracting the novel virus. T…

solano county - Business Insider
10:24pm PST - February 26th, 2020

CDC Reports First U.S. Coronavirus Case of ‘Unknown’ Origin

The UC Davis Medical Center said it took a week for the CDC to test and confirm what could be the first instance of community spread of coronavirus.

solano county - New York Magazine
8:53pm PST - February 26th, 2020

California coronavirus patient hospitalized at least a week before diagnosis

Solano County is home to Travis Air Force Base, where Americans with possible coronavirus exposure have been flown for quarantine from China and a cruise ship off Japan.

solano county - Politico
7:42pm PST - February 26th, 2020

New coronavirus case could be first instance of 'community spread' in US, CDC says

A resident of Solano County, California, who has novel coronavirus might be the first example in the country of "community spread," a situation in which the patient did not have "relevant travel history or exposure to another known patient," the US Centers fo…

solano county - CNN
7:13pm PST - February 26th, 2020

California confirms first possible 'community transmission' of coronavirus as China reports fewest new fatalities in month

California health officials have detected what may be the first local transmission of the deadly COVID-19 virus in the US – with no known ties to other confirmed cases – as China reports the lowest number of new deaths in weeks. Read Full Article at

solano county - RT
6:48pm PST - February 26th, 2020

Pilot hit in eye by laser while flying aircraft

Jan Sears, a pilot for 12 years with the California Highway Patrol, said his crew is hit by lasers once or twice a week.

solano county - ABC News
6:02am PST - February 21st, 2020

2020 Daily Trail Markers: Biden tours Iowa while senators stay benched

A week from tonight, Iowa Democrats plan to gather in high school gymnasiums, public libraries, church basements and other locales to make the first concrete decisions of the 2020 presidential election.

solano county - CBS News
4:23pm PST - January 27th, 2020