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After the Iowa Caucus Meltdown, New Hampshire Says It’s Ready

The nation’s first primary is proudly low-tech, but it'll take more than paper ballots to defuse the disinformation threat.

school delays - Wired
9:33am PST - February 6th, 2020

Iowa Democrats say partial caucus results coming late Tuesday afternoon

The Iowa Democratic Party says it will release partial results of Monday night's caucuses later Tuesday after a delay that the party attributed to technical issues.

school delays - CBC News
10:55am PST - February 4th, 2020

Iowa caucus chaos due to 'coding error': Officials

Iowa Democratic Party to release partial results later on Tuesday after manually verifying data against paper backups.

school delays - Al Jazeera English
10:07am PST - February 4th, 2020

Who was NRN upset with at Amazon event?

Who was NRN upset with at Amazon event?The delay had nothing to do with Jeff Bezos, but with the Delhi crowd, says the Infosys co-founder.

school delays - The Times of India
6:53pm PST - January 28th, 2020

World Bank delays vote on $500 million loan for Tanzania after activist pressure over ban on pregnant schoolgirls

The World Bank has postponed its decision on granting Tanzania a $500 million loan, following pressure from activists who oppose the country's policy of banning pregnant girls and young mothers from attending state school.

school delays - CNN
2:52pm PST - January 27th, 2020

More than 100 genes tied to autism identified in large study

In the large genetic-sequencing study, a team of researchers led by scientists at Mount Sinai identified the 102 genes associated with autism risk.

school delays - USA Today
9:59am PST - January 23rd, 2020

Arrested Hong Kong protesters stuck in limbo as cases grind forward

Derek Tai was arrested outside Hong Kong's Legislative Council building last June, early in the city's anti-government protests, which have seen millions join demonstrations over the past seven months.

school delays - Reuters
10:15pm PST - January 22nd, 2020

Delayed Moto Razr gets a new ship date: February 6

And preorders start next week for the $1,500 Verizon exclusive.

school delays - Ars Technica
8:26am PST - January 22nd, 2020

Delta was named the best airline in the US the day after one of its planes dumped fuel over a school and injured 26 people

Delta Airlines was named the best in America on Wednesday, just one day after one of its planes dumped jet fuel over a school in Los Angeles, injuring children and their parents. On Tuesday, Delta Flight 89, travelling from LAX to Shanghai, China, had to make…

school delays - Business Insider
8:19am PST - January 16th, 2020

Further delays in extradition of accused child abuser Malka Leifer

The alleged victims of an Israeli teacher accused of sexually abusing girls at a Melbourne school say they are distressed and angry about further delays to her extradition case.

school delays - ABC News (AU)
8:04am PST - January 14th, 2020

Two school buses crash at M4 Sarn junction

Emergency services were called but no-one has been seriously hurt.

school delays - BBC News
8:57am PST - January 13th, 2020

Magee Medical School: NI deal gives new hope for 2021 opening

A long-awaited medical school in Londonderry is listed among "priorities" for a new executive.

school delays - BBC News
11:11pm PST - January 10th, 2020

Factbox: Where is France's pension reform strike being felt the hardest?

French trade unions disrupted rail services, cut power generation and brought tens of thousands of demonstrators onto the streets on Thursday in a make-or-break push to force President Emmanuel Macron to abandon his planned pension reform.

school delays - Reuters
7:47am PST - January 9th, 2020

Vehicles stuck on the A7 as snow hits the Borders

Some school bus services are also cancelled due to wintry conditions across south east Scotland.

school delays - BBC News
1:51am PST - January 9th, 2020

NHS delays responsible for glaucoma patients going blind, says watchdog

Warning issued after 34-year-old woman loses her sight following 13 months of delayed NHS appointments

school delays - Independent
10:36pm PST - January 8th, 2020

Purple potatoes, suffragette mountain, pig your pardon?: News from around our 50 states

Pigeon rescue tracks down Cluck Norris in Nevada, street photography exhibit invites viewers to identify subjects in New Mexico, and more

school delays - USA Today
12:28am PST - December 17th, 2019

Many at risk of flu this Christmas, say experts

They predict a peak in cases and want people to get immunised now, before visiting friends and family.

school delays - BBC News
1:19am PST - December 16th, 2019

Wintry mix and slick travel a risk in colder areas north and west of Washington Monday morning

A coating of snow and a light glaze of ice could cause slick spots and school delays in our colder areas.

school delays - The Washington Post
10:26am PST - December 15th, 2019

D.C.-area forecast: Plenty of sun and dry today; wintry mix possible late tonight

We could see some icy spots and school delays Monday morning, mainly north and west of D.C.

school delays - The Washington Post
3:00am PST - December 15th, 2019

The pushback over delays in GST transfers by the Centre is the latest instance of states’ growing assertion on the fiscal front

The landmark indirect tax regime, which came into force in July 2017, subsumed most central and state taxes. States were guaranteed by law to be paid for any loss of revenue in the first five years of GST implementation. However, several states are now claimi…

school delays - The Times of India
9:33am PST - December 14th, 2019

Seven years after Sandy Hook, the politics of guns has changed | TheHill - The Hill

Seven years after Sandy Hook, the politics of guns has changed | TheHill The Hill Dad of Sandy Hook victim writes emotional message about Christmas without his son USA TODAY ‘Choose Love’ to Stop Violence, Sandy Hook Mom Says On Eve of Shooting's 7th Annivers…

school delays - The Hill
3:00am PST - December 14th, 2019

Airbus beat Boeing in the race to develop and sell a plane that can fly the world's longest flights after Qantas' 20-hour flights to Sydney to New York and London (BA)

Qantas has chosen the Airbus A350-1000, with slight modifications, for its two Project Sunrise routes, which will be the longest flights in the world. The airline hopes to launch the nonstop flights from Sydney to New York and London by 2023. Airbus beat Boei…

school delays - Business Insider
7:26am PST - December 13th, 2019

Analysis: Britain's 'strange' vote, won by Boris Johnson, heralds American-style 'shift'

Boris Johnson comfortably won a vote linked to Brexit and Britain's place in the world. That place now looks more 'mid-Atlantic' than European.

school delays - USA Today
3:58am PST - December 13th, 2019

School bus delays leave Scarborough students waiting as long as 2 hours in the cold

Children at a Scarborough elementary school have found themselves regularly late for class — in some cases waiting as long as two hours — because of delayed school buses, and the winter weather isn't the only factor to blame.

school delays - CBC News
4:33pm PST - December 5th, 2019

N.Y.C. Weather: How Much Did It Snow?

It was wet and cold in the city, but the snow mostly didn’t stick.

school delays - The New York Times
2:41am PST - December 3rd, 2019