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House to vote on removing bust of Supreme Court justice who wrote Dred Scott ruling

The House will vote later this month on legislation to remove a bust in the Capitol of Roger Brooke Taney, the former Supreme Court chief justice who wrote the majority opinion in the Dred Scott decision, Major...

roger ailes - The Hill
12:18pm PDT - July 1st, 2020

Ed Henry: Fox News anchor fired over 'wilful sexual misconduct' claim

A complaint against Ed Henry involving a co-worker was made last week, Fox News said.

roger ailes - BBC News
9:51am PDT - July 1st, 2020

Fox News anchor Ed Henry fired over sexual misconduct allegation

Fox News is parting ways with national correspondent Ed Henry after the network was made aware of a past sex harassment allegation.

roger ailes - NBC News
9:32am PDT - July 1st, 2020

Fox News Fires Daytime Anchor After Sexual Misconduct Investigation

Fox News has fired daytime news anchor Ed Henry after an investigation of sexual misconduct in the workplace, his co-anchor announced

roger ailes - Time
9:17am PDT - July 1st, 2020

Fox News fires Ed Henry following sexual misconduct complaint

Network blasts out an announcement on a personnel move stemming from workplace reforms following the abuses of late chief Roger Ailes.

roger ailes - The Washington Post
8:11am PDT - July 1st, 2020

Fox News fires anchor for sexual misconduct - Reuters

Fox News said on Wednesday it had fired Ed Henry, co-anchor of "America's Newsroom," over claims of "willful sexual misconduct" involving a co-worker from years ago.

roger ailes - Reuters
7:51am PDT - July 1st, 2020

Fox News anchor Ed Henry fired after sexual misconduct investigation

The network’s leadership said they “received a complaint” about Henry last week from a former employee’s attorney.

roger ailes - Politico
7:39am PDT - July 1st, 2020

Russell Crowe says he asked Jared Kushner for insight on how to play Roger Ailes

Crowe portrays late Fox News boss in 'The Loudest Voice'

roger ailes - Independent
7:33am PDT - July 1st, 2020

Fox News fires 'America's Newsroom' co-anchor Ed Henry after sexual misconduct investigation

"America's Newsroom" co-anchor, Ed Henry has been terminated from Fox News after the media outlet conducted an investigation.

roger ailes - USA Today
7:24am PDT - July 1st, 2020

Trump falsely accuses Biden of being fed reporters’ questions

The teleprompters that Biden used during his opening remarks did not appear to be running during the question-and-answer portion of the news conference.

roger ailes - Politico
6:57am PDT - July 1st, 2020

Ed Henry fired from Fox News after sexual misconduct investigation

Anchor Ed Henry has been fired from Fox News after an investigation into a complaint about "willful sexual misconduct in the workplace," according to an internal company memo obtained by The Hill."We would like to...

roger ailes - The Hill
6:30am PDT - July 1st, 2020

Trump tweets 'we all miss' Ailes after swiping at Fox

President Trump targeted Fox News late Tuesday while tweeting praise for its late chairman, Roger Ailes.Trump swiped at the network in multiple tweets for having Donna Brazile, a former Democratic National Committe...

roger ailes - The Hill
9:16pm PDT - June 30th, 2020

‘We all miss Roger!’ Trump recalls late 'friend' Roger Ailes in attack on Fox, gets schooled on his death by #Resistance

In his latest salvo against Fox News, US President Donald Trump invoked the memory of the network’s late CEO, Roger Ailes, to say the outlet had declined, drawing astute critics armed with Google to remind him the man had died. Read Full Article at

roger ailes - RT
8:56pm PDT - June 30th, 2020

Trump 'not happy' with Fox News: 'Wants to be politically correct all of a sudden'

President Trump again took aim at Fox News on Tuesday, saying he's "not happy" with the network while arguing it "wants to be politically correct all of a sudden.""I'm not happy with Fox at all," Trump told Christi...

roger ailes - The Hill
11:14am PDT - June 23rd, 2020

Chris Wallace to NY Times: 'I don't pull punches, I'm not playing favorites'

Chris Wallace told the New York Times in a Sunday feature that he "doesn't pull punches" and is "not playing favorites" when it comes to his reporting.The "Fox News Sunday" anchor added that he has "never been seco...

roger ailes - The Hill
6:47am PDT - June 15th, 2020

'Mrs. America' shows how art can bridge our nation's cultural, partisan divisions

In their attempts to bring about social justice, progressive artists have fanned the flames of the culture war.

roger ailes - USA Today
3:00am PDT - June 6th, 2020

From Unbelievable to I May Destroy You: How a new wave of dramas about rape is redefining victimhood

Michaela Coel's 'I May Destroy You', a nuanced exploration of sexual violence and consent, is one of a growing number of stories that are challenging how assault is tackled onscreen, says our arts columnist Fiona Sturges

roger ailes - Independent
3:32am PDT - June 5th, 2020

“I’m a Contrarian.” Chris Wallace on His Role at Fox News and His First Book

A video screen is of course just the place to meet up with Chris Wallace. That arched brow and knowing smile have existed as pixels since the 1970s, when he began a television news career that took him from NBC to ABC to Fox, where he has hosted Fox News Sund…

roger ailes - Time
3:34am PDT - June 4th, 2020

Comcast shareholders reject proposals for outside sexual harassment investigation at NBC

Comcast shareholders, including Chairman Brian Roberts, rejected three proposals on Wednesday that called for an outside investigation into sexual harassment allegations at NBC News, according to ...

roger ailes - The Hill
1:38pm PDT - June 3rd, 2020