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'Seinfeld' actor Richard Herd dead at 87

Veteran character actor Richard Herd, best known for portraying Mr. Wilhelm on “Seinfeld,” died at his Los Angeles home of complications from cancer.

richard herd - NBC News
3:27pm PDT - May 26th, 2020

Richard Herd, Mr. Wilhelm on Seinfeld and Get Out actor, dies at 87

The respected character actor also appeared in All the President's Men, The China Syndrome, Star Trek, and many other films and shows.

richard herd - Entertainment Weekly
1:34pm PDT - May 26th, 2020

Richard Herd death: Actor who played Mr Wilhelm on 'Seinfeld' dies aged 87

Richard Herd, the actor who portrayed Mr Wilhelm on Seinfeld, has died aged 87.

richard herd - Independent
11:52am PDT - May 26th, 2020

'Rally of hope': Why the S&P soared back past 3,000

Unthinkable just two months ago as the world economy shut down in response to the coronavirus pandemic, the U.S. stock benchmark S&P 500 index broke through the psychologically-important 3,000 level on Tuesday, capping a 37% stock rally since its March low.

richard herd - Reuters
11:41am PDT - May 26th, 2020

Dominic Cummings fuels British anger after flouting lockdown

The government's support for the prime minister's top aide is undermining public health advice, say experts.

richard herd - Al Jazeera English
11:36am PDT - May 25th, 2020

Coronavirus Is Stalling Efforts to Save the Northern White Rhino – Population, 2 – and Time Is Running Out

Groundbreaking work to keep alive the northern white rhino by in-vitro fertilization has been stalled by coronavirus travel restrictions.

richard herd - Time
5:00am PDT - May 25th, 2020

COVID crisis slams the brakes on bid to save rare white rhinos

With scientists stuck at home, time is running to use an egg from one of the last 2 northern white rhinos on the planet to create a baby.

richard herd - CBS News
2:48am PDT - May 25th, 2020

Virus stalls work to keep alive a rare rhino subspecies

There are only two northern white rhino left.

richard herd - ABC News
12:48am PDT - May 25th, 2020

GOP senators not tested for coronavirus before lunch with Trump

GOP senators on Tuesday did not get tested for the coronavirus ahead of a closed-door lunch with President Trump.Asked if he was tested, Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Ala.) said "no," before quipping "a test would be good...

richard herd - The Hill
12:57pm PDT - May 19th, 2020

China urges food companies to boost supplies on fears of further COVID-19 disruption

China has asked trading firms and food processors to boost inventories of grains and oilseeds as a possible second wave of coronavirus cases and worsening infection rates elsewhere raise concerns about global supply lines.

richard herd - Reuters
11:11pm PDT - May 16th, 2020

Global coronavirus deaths exceed quarter of a million: Reuters tally

Global coronavirus deaths reached 250,000 on Monday after recorded infections topped 3.5 million, a Reuters tally of official government data showed, although the rate of fatalities has slowed.

richard herd - Reuters
2:57pm PDT - May 4th, 2020

Care homes have become coronavirus graveyards – but who is to blame?

Older people in care homes make up at least a sixth of the total coronavirus-related fatalities in the UK. How did we get here?

richard herd - Independent
12:59am PDT - May 2nd, 2020

As a cancer specialist, I'm desperate to ensure the government doesn't repeat coronavirus mistakes

With intelligent and properly resourced national public health approaches, we may be able to avoid the dreaded second and third waves

richard herd - Independent
4:01am PDT - April 29th, 2020

Competing Pandemic Projections Driving You Mad?

Maybe a better question is, are these computerized forecasts really adding value, or just driving politics? The post Competing Pandemic Projections Driving You Mad? appeared first on The American Conservative.

richard herd - The American Conservative
9:01pm PDT - April 28th, 2020

Coronavirus: Child vaccine warning over 'other deadly diseases'

Parents are being warned to be "equally afraid" of measles and meningitis as they are of Covid-19.

richard herd - BBC News
4:48pm PDT - April 28th, 2020