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The US protests and the echoes of imperial violence

The US is using methods of violence against domestic protests it has repeatedly used in its imperial adventures abroad.

rage against the machine - Al Jazeera English
11:09am PDT - June 10th, 2020

Monique Woodard, one of tech's few black female venture capitalists, says some diversity efforts risk creating a 'separate but equal' mentality :'Black entrepreneurs don't need a separate water fountain'

  • The protests raging across the country over the death of George Floyd have resparked conversation surrounding Silicon Valley's own longstanding racial problem. 
  • Black founders and venture partners say that there is a systemic issue of racial…

    rage against the machine - Business Insider
    6:05am PDT - June 6th, 2020

Becky is Home Alone with more blood and Nazis

When Becky (Lulu Wilson) and her family go on a trip to their lake house, they don’t expect to be targeted by escaped neo-Nazi convicts seeking a magic key. It falls to Becky to protect them all with increasingly deadly traps, much to the annoyance of their m…

rage against the machine - Polygon
8:46am PDT - June 5th, 2020

As techlash heats up again, here's who's stoking the fire

As controversies around online speech rage against a backdrop of racial tension, presidential provocation and a pandemic, a handful of companies, lawmakers and advocacy groups have continued to promote a backlash against Big Tech.The big picture: Companies li…

rage against the machine - Axios
3:00am PDT - June 5th, 2020

I Miss the Gym

Time for your weekly edition of Drew Magary's Funbag. Today, we're talking about annexing other countries, braces, sex, eating pasta barehanded, and more.

rage against the machine - Vice News
11:00am PDT - May 20th, 2020

Depression doesn't take time off for a pandemic

  • I'm not one to get too emotional about celebrity deaths, but a rock star's death by suicide three years ago inspired me to finally address the depression that had afflicted me for much of my life. 
  • But the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown, …

    rage against the machine - Business Insider
    4:03pm PDT - May 18th, 2020

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2 anuncia su banda sonora completa

Goldfinger, Rage Against the Machine, Dead Kennedys y más.

rage against the machine - IGN
7:18am PDT - May 16th, 2020

'THPS 1 and 2' soundtrack features highlights from the originals

When Vicarious Visions unveiled its Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 and 2 remaster, you probably wondered about how faithful it would be to the originals. Thankfully, it’s close — though not quite comprehensive. The full list (you can listen on Spotify below) includ…

rage against the machine - Engadget
11:00am PDT - May 15th, 2020

We're all kinda fine with DRM now

Digital Rights Management. The phrase alone, or just its abbreviation, DRM, once had the power to spark scathing editorials and spawn furious debates in online forums worldwide. In the 2000s, major PC video game publishers began adding software to their discs…

rage against the machine - Engadget
1:55pm PST - February 12th, 2020

Rage Against The Machine Is Getting Too Old For This

Rage Against The Machine is touring in 2020. But aren't these Che Guevara t-shirt wearing millionaires getting too old for this shtick? The post Rage Against The Machine Is Getting Too Old For This appeared first on CCN.com

rage against the machine - Crypto Coins News
4:35pm PST - February 10th, 2020

What designers have to gain by thinking like social workers

“I’ve got a soul that can’t sleep at night when something ain’t right.” These are the song lyrics to “Power of Equality” which is the first song on Red Hot Chili Pepper’s, breakthrough album, Blood Sugar Sex Magik. The song goes on to address racial injustice…

rage against the machine - The Next Web
5:59am PST - January 23rd, 2020

Rage Against the Machine & MCR Have Rock Fans Partying Like It's 2008

Rage Against the Machine and My Chemical Romance announce reunions this week, pushing millenials and Gen-Xers into a state of ectasy.

rage against the machine - Crypto Coins News
12:40pm PDT - November 1st, 2019

Rage Against The Machine Confirm Reunion With Coachella Headline Slot

The news we've all waited for

rage against the machine - The Lad Bible
9:47am PDT - November 1st, 2019