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Husam Zomlot: State of Palestine needs to be recognised now

The head of the Palestinian Mission to the UK wants the government to put pressure on Israel.

palestine - BBC News
4:39am PDT - July 16th, 2020

The Not So Hidden Israeli Politics of 'The Last of Us Part II'

'The Last of Us Part II' presents what at first seems like an evenhanded point of view, but perpetuates the very cycles of violence it's supposedly so troubled by not asking the right question.

palestine - Vice News
7:15am PDT - July 15th, 2020

To resolve the Palestinian question we need to end colonialism

The international legal regime was meant to help end colonialism. Its failure in Palestine threatens its very existence.

palestine - Al Jazeera English
10:58am PDT - July 12th, 2020

Letters of love: 'Our father wrote every day as he waited to be sent to Auschwitz'

Daniele Israel's daily letters to his family from jail in Trieste paint a moving portrait of a family shattered by the Holocaust.

palestine - BBC News
4:05pm PDT - July 11th, 2020

Fact check: Photo doesn't show an Israeli soldier killing a Palestinian child by kneeling on his neck - Reuters

A post circulating on social media wrongly claims a photograph of a uniformed official kneeling on the neck of a young man is an Israeli soldier killing a Palestinian child. This is false.

palestine - Reuters
11:40am PDT - July 10th, 2020

Instagram apologises to supermodel Bella Hadid over removed post

The 23-year-old earlier this week posted an image of her father's passport listing his birthplace as Palestine.

palestine - Al Jazeera English
7:11am PDT - July 9th, 2020

Bella Hadid says Instagram CANCELED her post because she mentioned ‘Palestine’

Supermodel Bella Hadid has called out Instagram, after it deleted a post honoring her father “and his birthplace of Palestine.” The Facebook-owned company said the post broke its community guidelines, but Hadid wasn’t satisfied. Read Full Article at

palestine - RT
8:45am PDT - July 8th, 2020

Young Gaza amputees play soccer again after coronavirus curbs eased - Reuters

Young Palestinian soccer players, all amputees and many on crutches, were back on the field in Gaza on Tuesday for the first time since coronavirus restrictions were eased in the territory.

palestine - Reuters
6:55am PDT - July 7th, 2020

Israel is a settler colony, annexing native land is what it does

Since its early days of colonising Palestine, the Zionist movement has always aimed to establish a Greater Israel.

palestine - Al Jazeera English
4:08am PDT - July 7th, 2020 | Mogoeng accused of breaching judicial code in complaint over Israel comments - JSC

A complaint has been lodged against Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng for recent comments on the Israel-Palestine dispute, the Judicial Services Commission confirmed.

palestine - News24
8:47am PDT - July 5th, 2020

Vatican summons U.S., Israeli envoys over West Bank annexation moves - Reuters

The Vatican, in a highly unusual move, summoned both the U.S. and Israeli ambassadors to express the Holy See's concern about Israel's moves to extend its sovereignty to Jewish settlements and the Jordan Valley in the West Bank.

palestine - Reuters
1:34pm PDT - July 1st, 2020

Palestinian civil society rejects EU's conditional funding

EU's anti-terror clause in its grant proposals is political and 'criminalises' Palestinian resistance, civil groups say.

palestine - Al Jazeera English
5:38pm PDT - June 30th, 2020

Premier League says support for Black Lives Matter not political - Reuters Canada

The Premier League reaffirmed its commitment to its anti-racism campaign on Tuesday, which it said was not political, although it was "aware of the risk posed by groups that seek to hijack popular causes and campaigns".

palestine - Reuters
1:02pm PDT - June 30th, 2020

Hubris: Israel's endgame in Palestine

The blueprints and rationale for the West Bank annexation can be found in the Galilee.

palestine - Al Jazeera English
5:05am PDT - June 30th, 2020

The meaning of occupation

What a Norwegian TV series can tell us about the occupation of Palestine.

palestine - Al Jazeera English
3:05am PDT - June 29th, 2020

Annexation in Palestine and Netanyahu's calculus

The Israeli prime minister has broken with the Israeli right-wing policy of creeping annexation. Why the shift?

palestine - Al Jazeera English
8:34am PDT - June 27th, 2020

Kashmir Muslims fear demographic shift as thousands get residency

Up to 25,000 people granted domicile certificates raising fears of the beginning of demographic change in Kashmir.

palestine - Al Jazeera English
7:02am PDT - June 27th, 2020

Black Lives Matter and lessons from Palestine

Lessons from the Palestinian struggle can be crucial for the success of the anti-racism uprising in the United States.

palestine - Al Jazeera English
8:45am PDT - June 24th, 2020

Palestinian driver shot dead after alleged car-ramming on Israeli police - Reuters Canada

Israeli police on Tuesday shot dead a Palestinian man who they said had tried to ram his car into an officer at a military checkpoint in the occupied West Bank.

palestine - Reuters
11:08am PDT - June 23rd, 2020

Israeli forces kill Palestinian at occupied West Bank checkpoint

Palestinian official rejects Israeli police allegation that suspect had attempted to run over an officer.

palestine - Al Jazeera English
10:44am PDT - June 23rd, 2020

Israeli troops kill Palestinian who tried car-ramming in West Bank, police say - Reuters India

Israeli police on Tuesday shot dead a Palestinian who they said had tried to run over an officer with his car in the occupied West Bank.

palestine - Reuters
9:47am PDT - June 23rd, 2020

Thousands of Palestinians protest against Israeli annexation plan

Dozens of foreign diplomats attend Jericho event, including UN envoy stressing annexation is against international law.

palestine - Al Jazeera English
1:25pm PDT - June 22nd, 2020

Colonial discourses are stifling free speech in Germany

Germany is using accusations of anti-Semitism to protect Israel from criticism and stifle discussions about colonialism.

palestine - Al Jazeera English
12:16am PDT - June 19th, 2020

Meeting Abbas, Jordan foreign minister warns against annexation

Ayman Safadi visits Ramallah to coordinate moves against Israel's annexation plans in occupied West Bank, Jordan Valley.

palestine - Al Jazeera English
12:40pm PDT - June 18th, 2020

Israel's Netanyahu mulls two-phase West Bank annexation, newspaper says

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is weighing a limited initial annexation in the occupied West Bank, hoping to quell international opposition to his pledge of wide territorial moves, an Israeli newspaper said on Wednesday.

palestine - Reuters
3:38am PDT - June 17th, 2020