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South Africa: No need for mass monkeypox immunisation – experts - Al Jazeera English

The African continent has not recently recorded any confirmed or suspected cases of monkeypox, unlike Europe and the US.

monkeypox cases - Al Jazeera English
7:25am PDT - May 25th, 2022

US in process of releasing monkeypox vaccine from national stockpile for 'high-risk' people, CDC says - CNN

The United States is responding to a request for the release of monkeypox vaccine from the nation's Strategic National Stockpile as a global outbreak of cases is under investigation.

monkeypox cases - CNN
4:58pm PDT - May 23rd, 2022

Hey do you guys remember when the media was pushing monkeypox super hard until people caught on that it was basically only impacting gay men, then cases involving dogs and small children started popping up?

RandomEgg (@Eggscuzme)
2:39pm PDT - July 25th, 2023

RT @PIorfino: @VHNguyenMD Then I called MD &pt is an older lady, not a dental hygienist, not likely monkeypox, no unusual occupation or hob…

Dr Varsha Deepu (@drvarshadeepu)
7:05am PDT - July 25th, 2023

RT @LizHighleyman: Ana Hoxa (@WHO) describes #mpox/#monkeypox among people w/#HIV. Among 32K cases with known status, 52% were HIV+. People…

Maurice Greenham (@MauriceGreenham)
6:58am PDT - July 25th, 2023