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Top Minneapolis pol ducks question on how ‘dismantle’ police push would affect crime victims, cites 'privil...

Minneapolis City Council President Lisa Bender dodged a question Monday morning on what people facing danger from criminals would do if her efforts to "dismantle" the city's police department actually succeed.

minneapolis police department - Fox News
9:52am PDT - June 8th, 2020

Minneapolis City Council members say they plan to vote to disband city's police department

Nine out of 13 city council members have said they want to dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department, despite the city's mayor not fully supporting the idea.

minneapolis police department - CBS News
8:35am PDT - June 8th, 2020

Minneapolis City Council President Defends Plan to Dismantle Police: Expecting Help Is 'Privilege'

Monday on CNN's "New Day," Minneapolis City Council President Lisa Bender defended her council's attempt to disband the Minneapolis police department following the death of George Floyd. | Clips

minneapolis police department - Breitbart News
8:20am PDT - June 8th, 2020

George Floyd death: Minneapolis City Council pledges to disband police department

Not clear when changes to system will happen and city’s mayor says he opposes idea

minneapolis police department - The Irish Times
10:27pm PDT - June 7th, 2020

In Veto-Proof Majority, Minneapolis City Council Says It Will Dismantle Police Department

“Decades of police reform efforts have proved that the Minneapolis Police Department cannot be reformed," nine city council members said Sunday.

minneapolis police department - The Huffington Post
6:22pm PDT - June 7th, 2020

Majority of Minneapolis City Council commits to dismantling city's police department

A majority of the Minneapolis City Council agreed Sunday to “end” the city’s troubled "policing system" after the in-custody killing of George Floyd, a member said.

minneapolis police department - NBC News
5:19pm PDT - June 7th, 2020

US cities fear protests could fuel a new wave of coronavirus outbreaks

AP Photo/Mary Altaffer

  • Officials in US cities engulfed in protests over the police killing of George Floyd are worried the large gatherings of people could spread the coronavirus and lead to a new wave of outbreaks.
  • "It's not OK that in the …

    minneapolis police department - Business Insider
    7:33pm PDT - May 30th, 2020

Trump says George Floyd's killing 'should never have happened,' vows to 'stop mob violence, and we'll stop it cold'

  • President Donald Trump discussed the death of George Floyd and the rioting across the country on Saturday, in his remarks from Florida for SpaceX's launch of two NASA astronauts.
  • Trump said Floyd's death was "a grave tragedy" and "should nev…

    minneapolis police department - Business Insider
    4:04pm PDT - May 30th, 2020

Young Minneapolis mayor in spotlight after police killing, protests

Shaken and angry, Minneapolis' telegenic young mayor stood in front of television cameras over and over this week - first to decry the police killing of George Floyd, and on Friday to impose a curfew as parts of his city burned in ongoing protests.

minneapolis police department - Reuters
4:54pm PDT - May 29th, 2020

Videos of U.S. police killings spur protest - and sometimes charges

The decision of Minneapolis prosecutors to criminally charge a police officer four days after the death of George Floyd shows how efforts to hold officers accountable often hinge on the level of public protest and whether the incident was caught on video.

minneapolis police department - Reuters
3:00pm PDT - May 29th, 2020

Border Patrol drone used in anti-terror ops flies over Minneapolis protestors

A Predator B drone from near-by Airforce bases makes six passes over protestors.

minneapolis police department - Ars Technica
12:42pm PDT - May 29th, 2020

Trump claims his 'when the looting starts, the shooting starts' remarks weren't a call to violence but instead a 'fact'

  • President Trump attempted to clarify his early Friday morning tweet that "when the looting starts, the shooting starts," writing on Friday afternoon that the controversial tweet was "spoken as a fact." 
  • Twitter flagged Trump's initial tweet …

    minneapolis police department - Business Insider
    12:37pm PDT - May 29th, 2020

George Floyd death: Experts say knee-to-neck restraint is dangerous, but Minneapolis allows it

Law enforcement experts say the actions of four ex-cops involved in the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis violated a number of rules.

minneapolis police department - USA Today
11:42am PDT - May 29th, 2020

Derek Chauvin, the White Police Officer Who Kneeled On George Floyd’s Neck Before He Died, Charged With Murder and Manslaughter

Derek Chauvin, the former police officer who was videotaped kneeling on George Floyd’s neck, was charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter

minneapolis police department - Time
11:08am PDT - May 29th, 2020

CNN reporter covering protests gets arrested on live TV

State police in Minnesota have arrested a CNN reporter, producer, and camera crew while they were live on air, covering the protests in Minneapolis that followed the death of George Floyd, an unarmed 46-year-old black man who died in city police custody. In a…

minneapolis police department - Mashable
3:58am PDT - May 29th, 2020

'Any difficulty and we will assume control but, when the looting starts, the shooting starts': Trump threatens to send in National Guard in response to protests over George Floyd's death

  • US President Donald Trump said Friday that he may send in the National Guard in response to protests in Minnesota. "[W]hen the looting starts, the shooting starts," he tweeted.
  • Trump blamed the "Radical Left Mayor, Jacob Frey," for the unres…

    minneapolis police department - Business Insider
    11:46pm PDT - May 28th, 2020

Law enforcement experts examine move that killed Floyd

Here's why the knee-to-neck maneuver used to hold George Floyd down was dangerous and egregious, according to law enforcement experts.

minneapolis police department - CNN
4:24pm PDT - May 28th, 2020

George Floyd’s Death and the Long History of Racism in Minneapolis

Understanding how things got so tense in Minneapolis requires understanding the history of the city's racial geography, scholars explain.

minneapolis police department - Time
2:14pm PDT - May 28th, 2020

Fact check: Ex-officer involved in George Floyd's death not pictured at Trump rally

The ex-Minneapolis police officer involved in George Floyd's death was misidentified as a man who appeared with the president at an October rally.

minneapolis police department - USA Today
1:38pm PDT - May 28th, 2020

University of Minnesota Ending Contracts With Minneapolis Police Department After George Floyd’s Death

The University of Minnesota is limiting its relationship with the Minneapolis Police Department following the police killing of George Floyd

minneapolis police department - Time
10:54am PDT - May 28th, 2020

Protesters marching over George Floyd's death overtake major Los Angeles freeway and clash with California Highway Patrol

  • Protesters in Los Angeles briefly overtook the 101 Freeway and shattered the windows of at least two law enforcement vehicles.
  • Video from the incident shows protesters swarming a California Highway Patrol vehicle on the freeway, and some pro…

    minneapolis police department - Business Insider
    7:36pm PDT - May 27th, 2020

Trump says Justice Dept. probing death of unarmed black man in Minneapolis

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Wednesday the Justice Department and the FBI are investigating the case of an unarmed black man who died while in police custody in Minneapolis.

minneapolis police department - Reuters
4:02pm PDT - May 27th, 2020