La Niña Winter Weather News, Photos, Videos and Tweets

Wondering why the wild weather at the moment?

It's because summer and winter weather is colliding right now with explosive results on Australia's east coast.

la niña winter weather - ABC News (AU)
1:48pm PDT - October 15th, 2021

Heightened risk of flood and cyclones a risk this severe weather season, says BOM

Floods and cyclones are on the forecast, but that doesn't mean we are off the hook for heatwaves and fires this summer.

la niña winter weather - ABC News (AU)
6:33pm PDT - October 10th, 2021

Cooler, snowier weather headed for B.C. brings concerns for people experiencing homelessness

This weekend marks the first cold weather stretch of the season in the province, and as colder and snowier weather is expected to arrive in B.C., concern grows for those without shelter to keep warm.

la niña winter weather - CBC News
6:56pm PDT - October 9th, 2021

Winter weather 2021: What do forecasters predict?

As days become shorter and temperatures plummet, the winter season approaches once again.

la niña winter weather - Fox News
11:57am PDT - October 2nd, 2021

Medics overwhelmed as Afghanistan healthcare crumbles

Hundreds of health facilities shut their doors to patients as aid money to Afghanistan halted after Taliban takeover.

la niña winter weather - Al Jazeera English
4:47am PDT - September 28th, 2021

Fueled by climate change, costly Southwest drought isn’t going away

NOAA report shows how extreme climate conditions intensified the drought and are a harbinger of the future

la niña winter weather - The Washington Post
9:00am PDT - September 21st, 2021