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Governors Ball 2022 Lineup Confirmed: Kid Cudi, Halsey, and More To Perform at Festival

The annual Governors Ball has announced a star-studded lineup, with Kid Cudi, Halsey and J.Cole set to headline the NYC festival.

kid rock new song - Newsweek
7:00am PST - January 25th, 2022

Meat Loaf: Larger-than-life actor and singer of ‘Bat Out of Hell’

The king of rococo rock, Meat Loaf’s stage and screen experience meant he approached every song like an actor preparing for a role. It was a recipe that led to more than 80 million album sales over six decades

kid rock new song - Independent
5:55am PST - January 22nd, 2022

John Mellencamp plumbs mortality and regret in his new album

There’s a brutal calculus that goes on in John Mellencamp’s mind these days

kid rock new song - Independent
7:52am PST - January 21st, 2022

Oh my fucking god my spotfiy brought up that shitty new kid rock song, I think because I had a playlists of mid to late 90's artist going, but like holy fucking shit dude. I forgotten how shitty that fucking guitar riff in that song is.

Tiggy Stardust (@TiggyBarquebus)
3:18pm PDT - May 15th, 2022

I have always liked Kid Rock music but his new song we the people is best !!!If everyone would think like that the world would be a lot better place so please everyone come together as one @

Dovehunter (@Dovehunter52)
12:38am PDT - May 15th, 2022

“Still Somethin’” appears on his just-released new album, Bad Reputation, and was co-written by Kid Rock (Robert James Ritchie), Morgan Wallen, Mitchell Tenpenny, Andrew Paul Albert and Jordan Schmidt. #70s #classicrock

Charlie Tee (@rockingmellow)
10:41am PDT - May 14th, 2022

Either Kid Rock is drunk and forgot which song to sing, or an executive order was just signed making "Bah Wit Da Bah" the new national anthem. #KentuckyDerby

The Notorious ROY G BIV (@robwoodyard1)
3:46pm PDT - May 7th, 2022

Is it true Kid Rock's new song is entitled "Puke In My Pubic Hair"?

Reader1953 (@LEO19539)
1:15pm PDT - May 6th, 2022