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Actor Isaac Kappy dead at 42 after he 'forced himself off' a bridge, posted ominous apology to Trump, QAnon

Actor Isaac Kappy died Monday morning after he "forced himself off" of a bridge in Arizona. He posted a disturbing message about President Trump and the Q Movement before ending his life.

isaac kappy - Fox News
7:08am PDT - May 15th, 2019

Terminator: Salvation star Isaac Kappy dies aged 42

The actor shared his final Instagram post just hours before his death.

isaac kappy - Metro
11:51pm PDT - May 14th, 2019

Isaac Kappy dead: Terminator: Salvation star who 'assaulted Paris Jackson' dies aged 42

Actor Isaac Kappy has jumped to his death after making headlines last year in which he was accused of assaulting Paris Jackson

isaac kappy - Mirror
8:09pm PDT - May 14th, 2019

Isaac Kappy dies at 42: Thor actor who once 'assaulted' Paris Jackson commits suicide

The 42-year-old made headlines in 2018 for allegedly threatening celebrities including Paris Jackson and Seth Green.

isaac kappy - Daily Mail
3:38pm PDT - May 14th, 2019

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9:53am PDT - May 22nd, 2019

RT @ladysakowick: "If you ever have a decision ask yourself what would Jesus do. That's important. If I would've asked myself that question…

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9:52am PDT - May 22nd, 2019

RT @ladysakowick: "Jesus is the way the truth and the life. The way is the most important part. The way is the moment and becoming attuned…

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9:46am PDT - May 22nd, 2019

RT @ladysakowick: "Don't panic. Panic is giving in to darkness. When you are in God's Light, there is no panic, there is no rush. I can fee…

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9:46am PDT - May 22nd, 2019

RT @ladysakowick: "You must hold God in your heart in every moment. That is how you find IT! But you must listen. You have to listen to the…

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9:46am PDT - May 22nd, 2019

RT @ladysakowick: "Loyalty is to God and also the Light within. God is not some external concept that you pray to as an idol. God lives wit…

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9:46am PDT - May 22nd, 2019