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The Chicago Bulls' logo is NSFW if you flip it upside down

Graphic design was clearly not the passion of whoever designed the NBA's Chicago Bulls logo. Or perhaps, they were a little too passionate. Redditor Cvoony discovered that, when looking at the Bulls logo on their brother's sweater flipped upside down, the whi…

is reddit down - Mashable
7:48am PDT - September 16th, 2019

In Hong Kong, Employees Hide Their Political Leanings as Beijing Forces Companies to Take Sides

Cathay Pacific and the Big 4 accounting firms have publicly denounced protests in Hong Kong, but their employees are among those protesting.

is reddit down - Time
1:24am PDT - September 16th, 2019

The mattress of their dreams: One couple’s quest for a good night’s sleep

Pivotal Purchase is an ongoing series highlighting a watershed shopping moment — the thing you bought that made you feel like you were financially stable, that changed your perspective, that made you realize you were really, truly, finally an adult. When I la…

is reddit down - Mashable
2:00am PDT - September 15th, 2019

Warframe delivers the absolute best in video game dolly dress up

Warframe has a robust character customization system, including the captura photo mode. A game that first seemed dark and violent has turned into a fashion show as I play, and I love it.

is reddit down - Polygon
12:31pm PDT - September 13th, 2019

Consensual phishing: How to crack your half-forgotten crypto password

Phil Dougherty has a side hustle as a friendly hacker. By day, he's a software developer at the University of Wisconsin, building free educational games and conducting research on the ways people play them. Meanwhile, back at home, Dougherty is the shepherd o…

is reddit down - Engadget
10:00am PDT - September 13th, 2019

The curse of leaving makeup on in skincare videos comes for Millie Bobby Brown

People are convinced that Millie Bobby Brown didn't wash her face correctly in a recent video because she appears to leave on her eyeliner. Brown celebrated the launch of her vegan skincare line, Florence by Mills, by filming her night routine and posting the…

is reddit down - Mashable
5:03pm PDT - September 10th, 2019

10 things in tech you need to know today

Good morning! This is the tech news you need to know this Tuesday. Fifty state attorneys general launched a formal probe into whether Google has engaged in anticompetitive practices in its ads business. The investigation, announced on Monday from the steps of…

is reddit down - Business Insider
11:27pm PDT - September 9th, 2019

Satoshi Nakaboto: ‘Bitcoin millionaire threatened by home invader with shotgun – jumps off balcony’

Our robot colleague Satoshi Nakaboto writes about Bitcoin every fucking day. Welcome to another edition of Bitcoin Today, where I, Satoshi Nakaboto, tell you what’s been going on with Bitcoin in the past 24 hours. As Rousseau used to say: If you love yourself…

is reddit down - The Next Web
1:27am PDT - September 9th, 2019

Nintendo files weird patent for new Joy-Cons

A patent filed in Japan illustrates a Joy-Con with a kind of hinged design, apparently for better ergonomics when holding a Switch in undocked mode. Whether this actually becomes a commercial product is an open question.

is reddit down - Polygon
8:55am PDT - September 8th, 2019

Baylor University Mass Shooting Training Video Depicts Students Being Gunned Down

Baylor University’s active shooter training includes a video that depicts a gunman preparing his weapon, storming the campus and shooting at students as they flee. The intense video is a part of Baylor University’s “Sic ’em for Safety” safety awareness campai…

is reddit down - Time
8:17am PDT - September 6th, 2019

The Fleshlight Is a Portal to the Future of Sex

The ubiquitous masturbation device marketed to men was ahead of its time—and became the bellwether for a more fluid, inclusive future.

is reddit down - Vice News
10:13am PDT - September 4th, 2019

Multi-level marketing schemes are scams. Here's how to avoid them.

It’s Cheat Week at Mashable. Join us as we take a look at how liars, scammers, grifters, and everyday people take advantage of life's little loopholes in order to get ahead. Like gender reveal parties and painfully public engagements, seeing multi-level marke…

is reddit down - Mashable
4:00am PDT - September 2nd, 2019

This Late-Night Glove Salesman Masturbating Story Is Very Weird but Also True

For years there has been an urban legend in Halifax, Nova Scotia, about "Glove Guy," who would pick up drunk young men and ask them to try on his gloves.

is reddit down - Vice News
8:45am PDT - August 30th, 2019

Inside the deeply weird fake seed scams that are all over Amazon

It’s Cheat Week at Mashable. Join us as we take a look at how liars, scammers, grifters, and everyday people take advantage of life's little loopholes in order to get ahead. Amazon has a well-documented fake item problem, from counterfeit versions of AirPods,…

is reddit down - Mashable
9:12am PDT - August 26th, 2019

Explaining why Reddit posts are removed helps people comply with rules

Social media sites could cut the flow of unsavoury material by a fifth by better explaining their rules, according to a study of 32 million posts on Reddit

is reddit down - New Scientist
12:00am PDT - August 25th, 2019

'Start Here': Trump defends China trade war amid backlash for 'disloyal' Jews remarks

It's Thursday, Aug. 22, 2019. Here's what you need to know to start your day.

is reddit down - ABC News
2:05am PDT - August 22nd, 2019

Reddit experiments with livesteaming

Over the weekend, rumors and speculation began circulating on Reddit. Users were wondering what cryptic messages on r/pan, a new Reddit community, could mean. Today, Reddit pulled back the curtain. It announced Reddit Public Access Network (r/pan), a...

is reddit down - Engadget
1:18pm PDT - August 19th, 2019

The latest claim to Satoshi Nakamoto is the stupidest one yet

For years, Faketoshis have been fighting to claim the Bitcoin throne, trying to make us all believe they were responsible for the cryptocurrency’s creation. But things took a different turn this weekend after an unknown person(s) decided it was time to reveal…

is reddit down - The Next Web
5:35am PDT - August 19th, 2019