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Billionaire Bitcoin Investor Mark Cuban Teases 2020 Trump Challenge

Billionaire Mark Cuban - who once encouraged investors to put 10% of their savings in Bitcoin - teased a potential presidential run against Trump.

bitcoin - Crypto Coins News
2:10pm PDT - May 14th, 2019

Bitcoin Price Boom Resurrects Once-Feverish Penny Stocks

Bitcoins meteoric price boom has heralded the inglorious return of once-feverish blockchain stocks that had been clobbered by crypto winter.

bitcoin - Crypto Coins News
11:43am PDT - May 14th, 2019

Bitcoin Proves to Be a Hedge to Investors During 'Stressful Trade Wars'

Bitcoin has rallied and proven to be an ideal hedge to the whims of central banks even as the U.S./China trade war rages on.

bitcoin - Crypto Coins News
10:00am PDT - May 14th, 2019

Google Searches Scream 'FOMO!' as Bitcoin Tops $8,350

Bitcoin price charts and Google Trends data show undeniable correlation, which suggests that retail investors are FOMO-buying into the crypto market surge.

bitcoin - Crypto Coins News
8:53am PDT - May 14th, 2019

Bitcoin has surged above $8,000 and theories around why abound

Bitcoin is now trading at around $8,130, up a whopping 60.84 percent over the past month, with the price surging $3,086.14 over the period. The cryptocurrency’s meteoric rise is reminiscent of its rocketing growth in the latter half of 2017, when prices reach…

bitcoin - TechCrunch
7:01am PDT - May 14th, 2019

Bitcoin Breaks $8,000, Extends Two-Week Winning Streak

The cryptocurrency has been climbing in price for two weeks. Monday's gain, putting Bitcoin over $8,000, was the largest since 2014.

bitcoin - Fortune
6:48am PDT - May 14th, 2019

Bitcoin Buyers are 'Dumb, Inexperienced Kids': Gold Investor Slams Crypto

Peter Schiff continues his bitcoin-bashing world tour in a conference debate with Barry Silbert. Schiff says dumb, inexperienced kids are buying bitcoin.

bitcoin - Crypto Coins News
6:30am PDT - May 14th, 2019

Crypto Hedge Funds Bought the F**king Dip During 2018's Bitcoin Crash

Crypto hedge funds tripled their assets under management in 2018 despite a 72% crash in the bitcoin price. Wealth investors were buying the dip

bitcoin - Crypto Coins News
5:48am PDT - May 14th, 2019

John Mcafee Demands You Stop Binge Watching Bitcoin Price Boom

With bitcoin price rallying, crypto maverick John McAfee has warned against price watching addiction saying investors shouldn't panic when prices fluctuate.

bitcoin - Crypto Coins News
5:03am PDT - May 14th, 2019

Microsoft Wants to Protect Your Identity With Bitcoin

Microsoft announced plans to use the bitcoin blockchain to create a \"digital identity\" that could be used to access sites and apps across the internet.

bitcoin - Wired
4:00am PDT - May 14th, 2019

Dubai court rejects appeal for harsher sentencing of Bitcoin scam trio

Prosecutors have lost an appeal for the harsher sentencing of a group of men who scammed Chinese businessmen out of approximately $250,000 in an online Bitcoin scam. The scam ring ...

bitcoin - The Next Web
3:04am PDT - May 14th, 2019

$8,300: Bitcoin Price Erupts in Parabolic Rally, Spikes 17% Within Hours

The bitcoin price surged from around $7,000 to $8,300, recording a 17 percent gain against the U.S. in a parabolic rally and a new 2019 high.

bitcoin - Crypto Coins News
3:02am PDT - May 14th, 2019

Bitcoin surges past $8,000. Is this 2017 all over again?

The price of Bitcoin is rising fast -- again.

bitcoin - Mashable
2:36am PDT - May 14th, 2019

Bitcoin breaks past $8,000 to hit yet another 2019 price record

Bitcoin’s price is rallying, surpassing the $8,000 for the first time this year. According to CoinMarketCap, the digital currency last stood at around $8,000 in July last year. It comes after the world’s most famous cryptocurrency reached a new yearly high, p…

bitcoin - The Next Web
2:25am PDT - May 14th, 2019

Satoshi Files: Calvin Ayre Teases 'More Evidence' Craig Wright Created Bitcoin

Thee impetus to “prove” Craig Wright’s identity as Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous creator of bitcoin, seems to have hastened.

bitcoin - Crypto Coins News
12:43am PDT - May 14th, 2019

Bitcoin Price Rally's Just Getting Started after Staggering 117% 2019 Spike

By CCN: Year-to-date, since January, the bitcoin price has increased by 117 percent against the U.S. dollar as it surpassed the $8,000 mark on Tuesday.

bitcoin - Crypto Coins News
11:41pm PDT - May 13th, 2019

It took just five days for bitcoin to rise from $6,000 to $8,000

Most major cryptocurrencies are at or near 2019 highs.

bitcoin - Ars Technica
8:05pm PDT - May 13th, 2019

'Trustworthy' Bitcoin Exchange That Hid $850 Million Loss Raises $1 Billion

Bitfinex CTO Paolo Ardoino told Twitter that the firm was able to raise $1 billion in USDT quickly because big investors know Bitfinex is “trustworthy.

bitcoin - Crypto Coins News
5:00pm PDT - May 13th, 2019

The Ledger: Fin-Tech in Montauk, Binance Robbery Update, Go Away Fake Satoshi

Exploring the place where finance and technology intersect: The latest news on Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and fintech.

bitcoin - Fortune
2:23pm PDT - May 13th, 2019

NY’s Bitcoin Bandit ordered to pay $75M to SIM-swap victim

Michael Terpin, the Bitcoin investor who had $24 million worth of cryptocurrency stolen from him in a SIM-swapping hack, has been awarded a payout three-times the size of his original loss. Los Angeles Superior Court has ordered New York-based Bitcoin Bandit …

bitcoin - The Next Web
7:18am PDT - May 13th, 2019

Swiss Alps 5-Star Hotel is Switzerland’s First Luxury Hotel to Accept Bitcoin

Switzerland’s five-star hotel The Dolder Grand has announced that guests can now settle their bills in bitcoin or ether. In a tweet, the Zurich-based luxury hotel announced it was the first facility of its kind

bitcoin - Crypto Coins News
11:25pm PDT - April 2nd, 2019

Bitcoin Killer? The New And Old With BitTorrent Inventor Bram Cohen's 'Chia'

If you ask its official website, Bram Cohen’s Chia project is the first “enterprise” digital currency. Forget Ripple, Stellar, or the host of stablecoins launched over the past couple years. It’s Chia – the “green” crypto

bitcoin - Crypto Coins News
9:57pm PDT - April 2nd, 2019

Major cryptocurrencies are soaring after bitcoin made its first big jump in months

Hot on the heels of bitcoin surging to multi-month highs, other major cryptocurrencies are also posting strong moves upward.

bitcoin - CNBC
8:40pm PDT - April 2nd, 2019

Beating back bears, Bitcoin briefly balloons beyond $4,900

Bitcoin went on a tear in early morning trading earlier today, popping up to above $4,900 and reminding some investors of the good old days of 2017. The currency is still trading up above 15% at $4,782.60, which is a healthy jump for the cryptocurrency (which…

bitcoin - TechCrunch
1:40pm PDT - April 2nd, 2019

Bitcoin spike blamed on an April Fools' joke — but that's not why it rallied

Multiple experts say the bitcoin April Fool's Day rumors probably had nothing to do with the rally.

bitcoin - CNBC
11:00am PDT - April 2nd, 2019

RT @bsmith12251960: #BTC Segwit bitcoin. Can't scale. TX fees outrageous. Price: $7160 #BCH Drug bitcoin. Anon features. Rejects law.…

Fábio Botelho (@botelhofabio)
4:03am PDT - May 22nd, 2019

RT @binance: 9 years ago today the first real-world transaction of #Bitcoin was made & Laszlo Hanyecz cemented his place in history. No m…

necc'd (@staywokeebruv)
4:03am PDT - May 22nd, 2019

$HIPH $NBEV $KGKG The Explosive Growth in The Cannabis Beverage Industry Could Boost the Value of these Three Cannabis Stocks $SPY $SPX $INDU $CGC $ACB $HD $SMG $GRWG $MNA $CBIS $OWCP $PURA $SING $MCOA

MomentumBeast (@MomentumBeast)
4:03am PDT - May 22nd, 2019

RT @media_diamante: #Cryptocurrency Legality By Country. Courtesy- Amit Gupta(blog.sagipl) #bitcoin #cryptocurrencyexchange #bitcoins #cry

Lalit Choudhary (@OldMonnk)
4:03am PDT - May 22nd, 2019

RT @OneHanSolo: Ripple ($XRP) Executive Elected as U.S. Faster Payments Council’s Maiden Board of Directors, Opportunity for Mass Adoption?…

The Black Hammer *XRP* (@XRPBankai)
4:03am PDT - May 22nd, 2019

How to Buy Pizza With Bitcoin Cash #bitcoin #cryptocurrency #blockchain #ethereum #ICO

Avi Mizrahi ⚡️ ₿itcoin News (@avi_mizrahi)
4:03am PDT - May 22nd, 2019

How to Buy Pizza With Bitcoin Cash

thebigresearch (@thebigresearch)
4:02am PDT - May 22nd, 2019

RT @SydneyIfergan: Nice to wake up with #TCAT token up by 13%! i do believe that now it will be the #altcoins time with a stabilisation of…

Natali (@Natali51065419)
10:45pm PDT - May 21st, 2019

RT @Bithumb_Global: Bithumb Global has entered into a strategic partnership with @bituniverse_org , an all in one crypto portfolio app that…

Dave Yeh (@DBituniverse)
10:45pm PDT - May 21st, 2019

Here are some books you can refer, to learn about #bitcoin. Which ones have you read? #blockchain #bitcoin #cryptocurrency

Koinlocker (@_Koinlocker)
10:45pm PDT - May 21st, 2019

BitCoin $71 Million: Galaxy Digital Sells Stake in EOS Blockchain Maker (@BitcoinOrgUk)
10:45pm PDT - May 21st, 2019

Bitcoin fans, check this video #bitcoin #bullrun #WednesdayWisdom #EducationMatters #cryptocurrency

Barry Joyce (@barryjoyce1)
10:45pm PDT - May 21st, 2019

RT @APompliano: Anyone who tries to copyright Bitcoin or the white paper can’t be Satoshi Nakamoto. It shows they don’t understand Bitcoin.

Alan John Edwards (@AlanJohnEdward2)
10:45pm PDT - May 21st, 2019

RT @BigChonis: $BTC - The acceleration of daily dollar volume is just incredible over the past 10 days. Considering from Jan through March…

Егор Малафеев (@fstB7nybgiq0jMh)
10:45pm PDT - May 21st, 2019

RT @cryptokanoon: The world is dominated by two giant's who are now Face 2 Face in one of the worst trade conflict ever. Stack your #Bitco

Sachin Verma (@SachinV62196183)
10:45pm PDT - May 21st, 2019

Lolli, a simple addon for Chrome, gives you #free #bitcoin when you shop online as cashback Learn more and try it at

Jesus Garcia (@jesusg)
10:45pm PDT - May 21st, 2019
Dolar Bitcoin

Dolar Bitcoin

Bolivar McDolar (@BolivarMcDolar)
10:45pm PDT - May 21st, 2019

RT @SydneyIfergan: Nice to wake up with #TCAT token up by 13%! i do believe that now it will be the #altcoins time with a stabilisation of…

Ira (@Ira49898111)
10:45pm PDT - May 21st, 2019
RT @stacyherbert: Satoshi released bitcoin under MIT license

RT @stacyherbert: Satoshi released bitcoin under MIT license

David (@David28017814)
10:44pm PDT - May 21st, 2019

RT @Rhythmtrader: Last bull market, this is how fast bitcoin moved: $8000 - $10000: 11 days $10000 - $12000: 7 days $12000 - $14000: 1 day…

Kenett (@kenett1)
4:38pm PDT - May 21st, 2019
RT @Trexia06238702: @barrysilbert @MarketWatch Check #XRP $XRP vs #bitcoin $BTC  ?

RT @Trexia06238702: @barrysilbert @MarketWatch Check #XRP $XRP vs #bitcoin $BTC ?

XRPGORDY (@xrpgordy)
4:38pm PDT - May 21st, 2019

RT @CashTechNews: Firefox Quantum Offers Anti-Cryptojacking Feature #cybersecurity #crypto #bitcoin #browser #malware…

IEO box (@IEObox)
4:38pm PDT - May 21st, 2019

RT @lawmaster: BREAKING: Tether admitted in court that it used some of its reserves to buy Bitcoin. The judge said: "Tether sounded to me l…

KN@XRP_HODL (@cryptohk)
4:38pm PDT - May 21st, 2019

RT @ryanxcharles: The fomogogues want you to believe "anyone can just copyright the Bitcoin whitepaper." No. Here is information on the p…

I am so SMRT (@schnellzz23)
4:38pm PDT - May 21st, 2019

RT @chicino123: @SykesFanClub $sant: when filings are out this is gonna get crazy! 1,3 million float and multiple tens of millions in reven…

albertaguy (@albertanewbie)
4:38pm PDT - May 21st, 2019

RT @shaine_kennedy: With Get Used to Bitcoin, start seeing the prices of goods and services in Bitcoin, automatically. Get Used to Bitcoin…

Making Sats (@MakingSats)
4:38pm PDT - May 21st, 2019

What I need someone to build me. A multi-sig wallet interface for bitcoin for Family Trust Funds, with clear instructions on how to use, sign and view transactions. The interface should also allow hardware support..... something my mother (65+) could use.

electo (@3L3C70)
4:38pm PDT - May 21st, 2019

RT @Ben_Munster: Craig Wright spins $35 copyright registration as "recognition" of authorship of bitcoin white paper by US gov…

Linda (@LindaB201)
4:38pm PDT - May 21st, 2019

RT @CNBC: Has bitcoin gone too far, too fast? Here's how two traders are thinking about bitcoin futures. via @CNBCFuturesNow…

Geovanny Peralta (@gperaltamacias)
4:38pm PDT - May 21st, 2019

Hackers have been holding the city of Baltimore’s computers hostage for 2 weeks #hacker #ransomware #attack #malicious #software #bitcoin #city #government #cyberattack

Ewelyn Schots (@EwelynSchots)
4:38pm PDT - May 21st, 2019

RT @rektcapital: It’s that time in the market where even if someone FOMO’d into an Altcoin right now they probably wouldn’t be in loss for…

BitcoinBenjamin (@BrendaG75827531)
4:38pm PDT - May 21st, 2019

RT @APompliano: In the 60 Minutes piece on Bitcoin, a Federal Reserve governor couldn’t respond to @AC360’s question about central bankers’…

cornfolio (@ncwillhite)
4:38pm PDT - May 21st, 2019

Thailand’s Oldest Bank Officially Discloses Interest in Blockchain; Mentions BTC, XRP and VET - Bitcoin Exchange Guide #berminal #cryptonews #crypto $btc $xrp $vet

CryptoLife (@4evaCrypto)
4:38pm PDT - May 21st, 2019

RT @misir_mahmudov: The number #1 Finance app in the Appstore says it all. Spend Cash, Buy Bitcoin. This will be the first bull run when…

4:38pm PDT - May 21st, 2019

RT @syscoin: As we count down to the May 22nd @whiteblock TPS results and @Syscoin's 4.0 Release on June 4th, we are proud to have landed t…

Savskii (@savasbell)
9:59am PDT - May 21st, 2019

RT @rektcapital: $HOT #HOT #Holo HOT has rallied over 80% in less than a week but it hasn't even broken its almost 4-month long downtrend…

MichaelPfeilschifter (@blackshifter82)
9:59am PDT - May 21st, 2019

RT @Trezor: We can't advise you to buy more bitcoin, but you should buy more #bitcoin. #hodl

CryptoInvBTC (@indCrypt)
9:59am PDT - May 21st, 2019

Anyone can get Copyright Registration: IP Expert says after Craig Wright via @coincrunchin

Christopher Wheeler (@Stocktrader)
9:59am PDT - May 21st, 2019

Learn How to Trade #Bitcoin: The Most Comprehensive Quick Start Guide #BTC #trading

Design a business website designer Ⓥ (@website_life)
9:59am PDT - May 21st, 2019

The banks are running scared of #bitcoin I suggest you sell now.. #BTC #crypto

Bill Archer (@BillArcherBHAFC)
9:59am PDT - May 21st, 2019