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This browser extension shows what the Internet would look like without Big Tech - The Verge

A new browser extension hopes to show the power Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Facebook have by blocking any site that reaches out to them. Which is almost every site, as it turns out.

big show - The Verge
3:00am PST - February 24th, 2021

RT @ANISTONXBULLOCK: fave series check - RT if same ~ friends lucifer westworld the good place big little lies little fires everywhere the…

♡ decker ♡ (@dckvrxms)
6:07pm PDT - April 9th, 2021

why is there so much all might merch like i understand hes a big part of the show but is there anybody out there thats like "ah yes my fave mha character is all might" ???????

cay ♡ (@bkgblast)
6:07pm PDT - April 9th, 2021