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How a false claim about anti-Trump bias at Philadelphia polling places jumped from Twitter to Trump's mouth at the debate

It only took a few hours for a dubious claim from a Trump campaign staffer to make its way to the debate stage Tuesday night, where President Donald Trump falsely claimed Philadelphia Democrats were scheming against him by blocking supposed GOP poll watchers.

bad things happen in philadelphia - CNN
3:43pm PDT - September 30th, 2020

Nevada attorney general warns Trump is telling supporters to intimidate at polls

Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford (D) warned on Wednesday that President Trump was telling supporters during a presidential debate the night before to intimidate voters at polling locations.During the debate...

bad things happen in philadelphia - The Hill
1:44pm PDT - September 30th, 2020

Trump encourages supporters to monitor polling places — a federal crime

What President Trump is urging his supporters to do differs from the duties certified poll watchers are tasked with.

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12:09pm PDT - September 30th, 2020

Donald Trump Said 'Bad Things Happen In Philadelphia' During The Presidential Debate Statement And Philadelphians Turned It Into A Meme

Is he talking about Fresh Prince? Cheesesteaks? Football?View Entire Post ›

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9:36am PDT - September 30th, 2020

These are the internet's favorite memes from the first presidential debate of 2020

The first presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden was marked by verbal jabs and name-calling, which was perfect for memes.

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8:51am PDT - September 30th, 2020

Donald Trump's worst moment of the 1st debate (that you probably missed)

President Donald Trump's bullying, cajoling and constant interruptions in the first 2020 general election debate with former Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday night made the whole affair confusing and difficult to follow. And while there will (rightly) be s…

bad things happen in philadelphia - CNN
7:17am PDT - September 30th, 2020

NFL Week 4 Predictions: Early Projections for Vegas' Odds, Lines and Spreads

Sunday's slate of NFL action featured a couple of surprises, a tie between the Cincinnati Bengals and Philadelphia Eagles not least among them. Based on Sunday's odds , four underdogs won outright...

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4:06am PDT - September 28th, 2020

Six Standout Moments From Trump's ABC News Town Hall

The president defended his actions in regards to the coronavirus crisis and was also pressed on issues such as law and order.

bad things happen in philadelphia - Newsweek
1:56am PDT - September 16th, 2020

Biden and Trump battle for women who sided with president last time -- and now regret it...

From her home in the Philadelphia suburbs, Nin Bell works for an answering service, taking calls from people trying to reach more than 10,000 funeral homes and end-of-life companies. As the coronavirus began to sweep the country earlier this year, the number …

bad things happen in philadelphia - The Washington Post
4:49pm PDT - September 12th, 2020

US government response to racism and Covid-19 is 'tragic embarrassment,' says NFL team owner

Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie has criticized the US government's handling of the issues of systemic racism in the country and the coronavirus pandemic, labeling them a "tragic embarrassment."

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3:14am PDT - September 1st, 2020