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Coronavirus carriers can transmit it without symptoms: What to know - Business Insider

Experts think that at least one in four people who get the coronavirus are asymptomatic or transmit it before symptoms show up.

asymptomatic - Business Insider
2:05pm PDT - April 6th, 2020

Coronavirus carriers can transmit it without symptoms: What to know - Business Insider

Experts think that at least one in four people who get the coronavirus are asymptomatic or transmit it before symptoms show up.

asymptomatic - Business Insider (UK)
2:05pm PDT - April 6th, 2020

China reveals new cases including dozens of asymptomatic patients

Beijing continues to struggle to extinguish the outbreak despite drastic containment efforts.

asymptomatic - Google News (Australia)
11:30pm PDT - April 5th, 2020

All 2,700 residents of a refugee camp in Greece will be tested for the coronavirus and quarantined, after 20 residents tested positive

A refugee camp in Greece is under a 14-day quarantine after residents tested positive for the coronavirus. The 20 people initially tested had no symptoms. All 2,700 residents will be tested during the 2-week lockdown, NPR reported. Visit Business Insider's ho…

asymptomatic - Business Insider
10:53pm PDT - April 3rd, 2020

Guidance: US officials engage in heated debate over face mask recommendation

After weeks of insisting Americans should not wear face masks to prevent the spread of coronavirus -- and even suggesting their use could increase the chance of infection -- administration officials this week have engaged in a heated internal debate over reve…

asymptomatic - CNN
2:02pm PDT - April 3rd, 2020

Stephen Colbert ridicules state governors who *just* worked out coronavirus is bad

Hey, have you heard about this coronavirus thing? Apparently it's a pretty big deal and also not good? Wild, right? Stephen Colbert brought us another monologue from home on Thursday, taking aim at Trump's egomaniacal briefings and voter suppression, but also…

asymptomatic - Mashable
12:23am PDT - April 3rd, 2020

New York Becomes Latest City to Urge People to Cover Their Faces When They Go Out

The mayor said it could be a scarf or a bandanna or anything homemade, but it should not be a surgical mask needed by medical workers

asymptomatic - Time
7:32pm PDT - April 2nd, 2020

Iceland is allowing everyone in the country to be tested for the coronavirus. The government says it spent years perfecting its approach.

Iceland, an island country home to about 364,000 people, has taken a different approach to the coronavirus than many other countries. The government allows testing for anyone who wants it. Iceland is also working to identify people who have the virus quickly …

asymptomatic - Business Insider
2:44pm PDT - April 2nd, 2020

After walkouts, Amazon pledges temperature checks and masks in all warehouses

After a string of warehouse walkouts over coronavirus protections, Amazon has pledged temperature checks and masks for all workers at fulfillment centers and Whole Foods stores.

asymptomatic - The Verge
7:12am PDT - April 2nd, 2020

Researchers investigate whether wearable apps could unveil hidden coronavirus cases

Researchers are investigating whether wearable wellness devices could help identify asymptomatic cases -- a critical advantage in the race to trace coronavirus' spread.

asymptomatic - ABC News
2:36am PDT - April 2nd, 2020

The US intelligence community has reportedly concluded that China intentionally misrepresented its coronavirus numbers

The US intelligence community has determined that the Chinese government concealed the extent of the coronavirus outbreak in China and gave false statistics to other countries, Bloomberg News reported. Officials transmitted a classified report of their findin…

asymptomatic - Business Insider
10:39am PDT - April 1st, 2020

What we know and don't about asymptomatic transmission and coronavirus

There is a significant number of people who transmit that are asymptomatic.

asymptomatic - ABC News
5:49am PDT - April 1st, 2020

Coronavirus live updates: China reports 1,541 asymptomatic cases under observation

A pandemic of the novel coronavirus has claimed the lives of more than 42,000 people around the world, including over 4,000 in the United States.

asymptomatic - ABC News
1:48am PDT - April 1st, 2020

Understanding the virus: Iceland lab's testing suggests 50% of cases have no symptoms

There's a lot about Iceland that other countries could envy: Its spectacular natural surroundings, its place among the world's happiest countries, and, now, its large-scale testing for the novel coronavirus, which could influence how the world understands the…

asymptomatic - CNN
1:42am PDT - April 1st, 2020

White House: Next 30 days are crucial

White House officials predicted a stark US death toll of more than 100,000 people from coronavirus, saying measures working to curb the spread of the virus are the only hope for keeping that total from rising further.

asymptomatic - CNN
12:15am PDT - April 1st, 2020

3 surprising traits of how COVID-19 affects patients, according to experts

Photo by Ronny Hartmann / AFP via Getty COVID-19 is a cunning disease that has taken many medical experts by surprise. The COVID-19 virus acts differently than other viral pathogens, capable of jumping from one person to the next before a patient shows sympto…

asymptomatic - Business Insider
11:41am PDT - March 31st, 2020

Most Americans are touching their loved ones as much as they did before the coronavirus pandemic, and some are being even more intimate

AFP Contributor/Getty Images The majority of people are touching their loved ones just as much as they did before the coronavirus pandemic, a survey conducted by Business Insider revealed. 40% of respondents said they decreased their physical touch either sig…

asymptomatic - Business Insider
8:42am PDT - March 30th, 2020

Fauci: US can expect more than 100,000 COVID-19 deaths, millions of cases

On CNN’s State of the Union Sunday, the leading U.S. authority on the COVID-19 pandemic made some grim predictions about the course of the novel coronavirus as it rages through communities within the United States. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the longtime director for…

asymptomatic - TechCrunch
10:02am PDT - March 29th, 2020

What we still don't know about coronavirus

There are many unanswered questions about the new coronavirus, Covid-19.

asymptomatic - BBC News
5:20pm PDT - March 28th, 2020

Half the residents who tested positive for the coronavirus in a Washington nursing home did not yet have symptoms, but they were highly contagious

A new CDC report found that 23 residents at a nursing home in King County, Washington, tested positive for COVID-19. Half of those infected had not yet shown symptoms, but the report said they were highly contagious. Evidence from Wuhan, China, suggests peopl…

asymptomatic - Business Insider
11:48am PDT - March 27th, 2020

New antibody tests can detect whether people have had the coronavirus after they recover, but scientists still aren't sure whether people can get reinfected

Scientists still don't know if people who have recovered from the coronavirus can contract it again. Experts say people who have been infected probably develop immunity, but it's not clear whether it weakens over time. New blood tests can tell if people have …

asymptomatic - Business Insider
4:33pm PDT - March 26th, 2020

Amazon Care is picking up and delivering at-home coronavirus tests

This story was delivered to Business Insider Intelligence Digital Health Briefing subscribers earlier this morning. To get this story plus others to your inbox each day, hours before they're published on Business Insider, click here. Amazon Care is teaming up…

asymptomatic - Business Insider
6:14am PDT - March 25th, 2020

What you need to know about the coronavirus right now

Here's what you need to know about the coronavirus right now:

asymptomatic - Reuters
1:05am PDT - March 25th, 2020

How Iceland Could Hold the Key to Understanding Coronavirus

Using its unique population data, a small genetics company is planning to screen 15,000 asymptomatic people to learn about the virus.

asymptomatic - Vice News
10:10am PDT - March 24th, 2020

Oura partners with UCSF to determine if its smart ring can hep detect COVID-19 early

Startups continue to find new ways to contribute to ongoing efforts to fight the global spread of COVID-19 during the current global coronavirus pandemic, and personal health hardware-maker Oura is no exception. The smart ring startup is working with the Univ…

asymptomatic - TechCrunch
4:08pm PDT - March 23rd, 2020