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'Archive 81' unspools another creepy, time-bending Netflix drama

Netflix adds to its queue of creepy, macabre series with "Archive 81," a time-bending thriller that counts horror director James Wan among its producers. Those eager for quick answers won't find them, but the eight episodes plant enough bizarre seeds to effec…

archive 81 - CNN
6:49am PST - January 14th, 2022

Archive 81: The scary new Netflix series you’ll immediately want to add to your watchlist

‘Watching it before going to bed may not have been the wisest choice,’ one viewer admitted

archive 81 - Independent
2:35am PST - January 14th, 2022

Central banks look to quell crypto's influence over the money supply

The Bank of Mexico intends to launch a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) within the next two years, according to American Banker.

archive 81 - Business Insider
8:19am PST - January 6th, 2022

New on Netflix in January 2022: Every new movie and TV series this month

Full list of everything being added now 2022 has begun

archive 81 - Independent
7:16am PST - January 6th, 2022

Consumers' superior trust in banks gives them a pivotal role in US open banking engagement

New Mastercard survey says most US consumers have adopted tools that depend on open banking as part of their day-to-day banking experience.

archive 81 - Business Insider
7:19am PST - December 17th, 2021

Archive 81 is rlly so good.

Neni (@xantanaa)
4:25pm PST - January 24th, 2022
RT @chingyangkao: They did not end Archive 81 like that I need season 2 NOW

RT @chingyangkao: They did not end Archive 81 like that I need season 2 NOW

ava (she/her) (@xoxo_avalynne)
4:24pm PST - January 24th, 2022

RT @BlackMajikMan90: According to IMDb, Peacemaker is currently the 3rd most popular TV show. Behind only Netflix's Archive 81 and Euphoria…

T.M.Fishback (@TMFishback)
4:23pm PST - January 24th, 2022

i’ve been watching archive 81 but literally have no idea what’s going on

4:23pm PST - January 24th, 2022

Deffo recommend Archive 81 on Netflix. It’s amazing. Reminded me of the film Sinister, which is probably the best horror film I’ve ever watched in terms of actual unsettling and scaring me.

Giserd Marqeshi (@gmarqeshi)
4:22pm PST - January 24th, 2022

Archive 81 is creeeepyyyyy but good

❤️‍ (@_AKlLLA)
4:22pm PST - January 24th, 2022

Laying in bed, trying not to die. Watched Archive 81 Episode 1 because so many of you goofballs recommended it. And yeah, it's right up my alley.

William HASNT SCREAMED YET Sterling (@spooky_sterling)
4:19pm PST - January 24th, 2022

Archive 81 is some seriously messed up sh*t

Carlos (@CarlDavidArthur)
4:17pm PST - January 24th, 2022