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Why Everyone's So Mad About ‘American Dirt,’ the New Immigration Novel Oprah Loved

Floral arrangements covered in barbed-wire are just the beginning.

american dirt - Vice News
12:42pm PST - January 30th, 2020

‘American Dirt’ falls in the mud

Even Oprah couldn’t save the publishing industry from this high-profile mistake.

american dirt - Fortune
12:09pm PST - January 30th, 2020

Author Tour for Controversial Novel ‘American Dirt’ Canceled Citing Safety Concerns

The publisher of Jeanine Cummins' novel “American Dirt" has cancelled the remainder of her promotional tour, citing concerns for her safety.

american dirt - Time
1:48pm PST - January 29th, 2020

'American Dirt' book tour canceled by publisher

Flatiron Books, a division of Macmillan, has canceled the rest of Jeannine Cummin's 'American Dirt' tour, citing safety concerns.

american dirt - NBC News
1:28pm PST - January 29th, 2020

Authorities find longest US-Mexico border smuggling tunnel...

NEW YORK (AP) — The publisher of Jeanine Cummins' controversial novel “American Dirt" has cancelled the remainder of her promotional tour, citing concerns for her safety. The novel about a...

american dirt - Associated Press
1:07pm PST - January 29th, 2020

83 authors ask Oprah to remove 'American Dirt' from her book club

Oprah's American Dirt controversy isn't ending anytime soon. On Sunday, the literary tastemaker finally responded to criticism that her new book club selection, American Dirt, is poorly written and riddled with stereotypes and inaccuracies. Jeanine Cummins' n…

american dirt - Mashable
11:07am PST - January 29th, 2020

'American Dirt' Latino backlash part of long publishing war

Jeanine Cummins’ new novel about immigration and cartel violence has sparked controversy.

american dirt - The Hindu
6:08pm PST - January 28th, 2020

Can young Latinos' Twitter takedown of 'American Dirt' help diversify publishing?

The controversy around Jeanine Cummins' widely publicized novel, "American Dirt" has been largely driven by young Latinos on social media. push that helps diversify the publishing industry?

american dirt - NBC News
3:48pm PST - January 24th, 2020

Democrats to argue Trump obstructed probe in third day of impeachment trial

Democrats serving as prosecutors in U.S. President Donald Trump's impeachment trial will make their case that he improperly interfered in Congress' probe of his dealings with Ukraine in their final day of arguments on Friday.

american dirt - Reuters
3:14am PST - January 24th, 2020

American Dirt: Oprah book club pick suffers Latino backlash

A new novel about a family fleeing Mexico for the US spurs a fierce debate over fiction writing.

american dirt - BBC News
2:36pm PST - January 23rd, 2020

"American Dirt" has an American problem

"American Dirt," a novel that is Oprah Winfrey's latest book club pick, has sparked a bitter controversy over its author's identity and portrayal of Mexican migrants. The heart of the problem, says Rafia Zakaria, is that "American Dirt" is not really a story …

american dirt - CNN
12:36pm PST - January 23rd, 2020

Impeachment: Republicans are in the tank for Trump, but Democrats aren't impartial, either

Republicans are rightfully criticized for coordinating with Trump. But Democrats are just as biased if they aren't willing to change their minds.

american dirt - USA Today
12:15am PST - January 23rd, 2020

The 'American Dirt' Controversy Illustrates the Media's Thirst for Immigrant Trauma Porn

Jeanine Cummins snagged a movie deal and a spot in the coveted Oprah's Book Club based on a story she has no right to tell.

american dirt - Vice News
3:10pm PST - January 22nd, 2020

A white Latina author's new novel about the border unleashes fierce debate, criticism

The book "American Dirt" has drawn wide praise, as well as fierce debate, over the portrayal of the Mexican migrant experience by a non-Mexican writer who identifies as a white Latina.

american dirt - NBC News
2:58pm PST - January 22nd, 2020

Who is David Pecker? The Jeff Bezos hacking scandal raises questions about whether the media executive received dirt from the Saudis.

In multiple reports on Tuesday, it was alleged that the Saudis were behind the hack of Jeff Bezos' phone in 2018. Eight months later, the National Enquirer published text message conversations and personal photos confirming Bezos had an extramarital affair. T…

american dirt - Business Insider
2:24pm PST - January 22nd, 2020

Schiff may have mischaracterized Parnas evidence, documents show

Unredacted material shows he may have referred to the wrong "Mr. Z."

american dirt - Politico
4:46pm PST - January 21st, 2020

Oprah reveals "American Dirt" as new book club pick

The novel tells the story of Lydia, a mother who escapes from Mexico with her son after surviving an attack by a drug cartel.

american dirt - CBS News
5:46am PST - January 21st, 2020

Trump's Senate trial will open with acrimony Tuesday that will underscore how his impeachment is likely to tear even deeper national divides

President Donald Trump's Senate trial will open in an atmosphere of acrimony Tuesday that will underscore how his impeachment, far from purging political corruption, is likely to tear even deeper national divides.

american dirt - CNN
9:04pm PST - January 20th, 2020

Democrats, Trump offer duelling arguments on impeachment

Democratic lawmakers say Trump should be removed from office, as defence claims trial unconstitutional.

american dirt - Al Jazeera English
4:35pm PST - January 18th, 2020

10 things you need to know before the opening bell

Here's what's going on. 1. China's economy grew at the slowest pace in nearly 30 years as Trump's trade war bites. The drop from 6.6% growth in 2018 reflected a raft of challenges. China's birth rate and manufacturing investment also dropped to record lows. 2…

american dirt - Business Insider
5:03am PST - January 17th, 2020

Giuliani’s associate Lev Parnas speaks again: 'It was all about 2020'

Lev Parnas, Rudy Giuliani’s former business associate, said on CNN Thursday night that his view of his and Giuliani's efforts in Ukraine was that “it was all about 2020."

american dirt - ABC News
10:20pm PST - January 16th, 2020

Here’s what the Parnas revelations mean for Trump

What's Lev Parnas up to? How strong is his new evidence? Are there more bombshells coming?

american dirt - Politico
3:56pm PST - January 16th, 2020

Trump 'new exactly what was going on', Giuliani aide claims

Lev Parnas, an aide to the president's lawyer, says Donald Trump knew of efforts to pressure Ukraine.

american dirt - BBC News
8:41pm PST - January 15th, 2020

Iranians turn to social media to grieve and rage over doomed plane

The last tweet sent by a user named Sorush before taking off from Iran on a doomed Ukrainian airliner on his way back to university in Canada suggested he knew he was flying into danger.

american dirt - Reuters
8:41am PST - January 10th, 2020

7 Americans on the Islamophobia They Faced at Home Because of War Abroad

To better understand how conflict with Iran might lead to a spike in domestic hatred, I asked other young Muslims about their personal experiences of bigotry during wartime.

american dirt - Vice News
5:31am PST - January 7th, 2020