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Netflix's 6 Underground Review

Ryan Reynolds classes up the joint in an otherwise expendable Michael Bay film that's an argument both for and against the Sokovia Accords.

6 underground - IGN
12:07pm PST - December 13th, 2019

Thousands of 10-inch worms known as 'penis fish' inundated a California beach. A biologist says they feel like 'slimy water balloons.'

David Ford A beach in Point Reyes, California was inundated with thousands of marine worms known as "penis fish" on December 6. The pink creatures, sometimes also called fat innkeeper worms, usually live under the sand, but they were stranded on the beach aft…

6 underground - Business Insider
11:42am PST - December 13th, 2019

‘6 Underground’ Review: Action by the Numbers

Ryan Reynolds plays a billionaire who’s part Deadpool, part Elon Musk and all Michael Bay hero in this relentless action movie.

6 underground - The New York Times
2:00am PST - December 13th, 2019

6 Underground Footage at Brazil Comic Con Showcases Full Bayhem

Ryan Reynolds screened footage from Netflix's new Michael Bay movie at CCXP.

6 underground - IGN
3:33pm PST - December 8th, 2019

The cassette that made me a secret daytime DJ

Moey Hassan describes how "daytimers" became the big thing for South Asian teens in 1980s Bradford.

6 underground - BBC News
5:01pm PST - December 5th, 2019

Wall Street analysts dissect Netflix's 5 hottest topics for 2020, including cash burn, subscriber growth, and product placement (NFLX)

Next year will be a defining one for Netflix, which will face more competition than ever from formidable media and tech titans like Disney, Apple, and WarnerMedia. The streaming service will have to prove that its business model, which relies entirely on subs…

6 underground - Business Insider
10:02am PST - December 5th, 2019

Apple's tap-and-go Express payments come to London public transport

Paying for daily necessities using your phone might feel like the future, but the reality can sometimes be slower as mobile payments require authentication that can take time to approve. To combat this issue, Apple has brought its Express feature to...

6 underground - Engadget
4:38am PST - December 2nd, 2019

10 documentaries to watch on Netflix if you want to learn something new

TIME dubbed the summer of 2018 as a "mini documentary boom," but it seems the documentary peak has transformed into an impressive plateau: Earlier this year, NPR claimed that documentaries were in an "undeniable golden age." And now Netflix has upped its game…

6 underground - Mashable
6:00am PST - December 1st, 2019

Europol disrupts Islamic State propaganda machine

The action led to the taking down of thousands of Islamic State accounts on messaging app Telegram.

6 underground - BBC News
8:30am PST - November 25th, 2019

Pope urges abolition of nuclear weapons during Japan visit

Pope Francis also says the possession of nuclear weapons is "not the answer" for global peace.

6 underground - BBC News
2:31am PST - November 24th, 2019

Japanese Christians in Nagasaki tearful, excited to hear Pope speak

Japanese Christians lined up before dawn on Sunday to get seats at a Mass being said by Pope Francis in Nagasaki, where 27,000 people were killed instantly when the United States dropped a second atomic bomb on Japan, effectively ending World War Two.

6 underground - Reuters
7:51pm PST - November 23rd, 2019

Pope Francis brings anti-nuclear message to Japan's bombed cities

Pope Francis, a passionate anti-nuclear campaigner, brings his message that nuclear weapons should be abolished to Nagasaki and Hiroshima, the two Japanese cities devastated by atomic bombings in World War Two and the only places in the world to so suffer.

6 underground - Reuters
3:05pm PST - November 23rd, 2019

Exploring Switzerland's underground cheese cathedral

Forget skiing with the glitterati – a trip to Gstaad is all about the dairy, finds Clare Vooght

6 underground - Independent
7:01am PST - November 18th, 2019