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Taiwan’s government bars its agencies from using Zoom over security concerns

Taiwan’s Executive Yuan issued an advisory on Tuesday barring the country’s government agencies from using Zoom and other video software with “associated security or privacy concerns.” Instead, the government said alternatives, including software from Google …

zoom meetings - TechCrunch
5:26am PDT - April 7th, 2020

Coronavirus has pushed activism indoors. Here's how major groups are adapting.

In a staggeringly short amount of time, the coronavirus pandemic has upended daily life in the U.S., forcing people to quickly recalibrate how they live their lives in order to curb the spread of COVID-19, the official term for the disease caused by the virus…

zoom meetings - Mashable
4:00am PDT - April 7th, 2020

NYC classrooms cancel Zoom after trolls make ‘Zoombombing’ a thing

Zoom, the company most of the world didn’t know existed before quarantine, is being banned from New York City classrooms due to some increasingly disturbing instances of “Zoombombing.” Zoombombing, which the FBI has previously warned against, is a newish tren…

zoom meetings - The Next Web
11:35am PDT - April 6th, 2020

Zoom admits calls got 'mistakenly' routed through China

Reuters/Carlo Allegri Zoom has admitted that some call data was routed through China for non-China users. CEO Eric Yuan said the calls were routed "mistakenly" after the company ramped up capacity to cope with a huge increase in demand. Separately, researcher…

zoom meetings - Business Insider
7:48am PDT - April 6th, 2020

4 ways to bring structure into your work from home setup to improve focus and productivity

LightField Studios/Shutterstock Vivian Nunez is a writer, public speaker, content creator, and founder of Too Damn Young, an online community and resource site for grieving young adults. Despite her previous experience working from home as a freelancer, the t…

zoom meetings - Business Insider
7:00am PDT - April 6th, 2020

The Morning After: Mobile video service Quibi launches today

Hey, good morning! There is so much money behind Quibi. If you've never heard of it, it's a mobile video service/network hot on the heels of many similar services that have failed. With Hollywood clout and again, so much darn money, Quibi launches today -- fo…

zoom meetings - Engadget
4:32am PDT - April 6th, 2020

The need for online privacy is finally resonating with video chat

The public's generally blasé attitude towards online privacy finally seems to have met its match — in video chatting. On Friday, New York City banned its schools from using Zoom after determining the platform wasn't private and secure enough. Like organizatio…

zoom meetings - Mashable
2:47pm PDT - April 5th, 2020

NYC Department of Education is banning Zoom over privacy concerns for students and teachers

New York City teachers are banned from using Zoom for virtual teaching after the Department of Education cited safety and privacy concerns. Schools are instead being directed to use Microsoft Teams, which the department has reportedly already started training…

zoom meetings - Business Insider
2:14pm PDT - April 5th, 2020

School districts ban Zoom over security concerns

Concerns about Zoom's security are having a real impact on its use in remote education. Some US school districts, including large ones like New York City and Nevada's Clark County, have banned or disabled Zoom over security and privacy worries. Others, such a…

zoom meetings - Engadget
9:47am PDT - April 5th, 2020

How to Keep Your Zoom Chats Private and Secure

Trolls. Prying bosses. Zoom's a great video chat platform, but a few simple steps also make it a safe one.

zoom meetings - Wired
4:00am PDT - April 5th, 2020

Coronavirus: Dealing with addiction while in lockdown

Support meetings for recovering addicts have been cancelled in the lockdown. Here's how one man is coping.

zoom meetings - BBC News
4:49pm PDT - April 4th, 2020

Zoom improves security with automatic password protection and waiting rooms

After facing heavy criticism for the way it handles privacy and security, the video conferencing service Zoom is making a few very necessary updates. Beginning April 5, all meetings going forward will have automatically enabled password protection and waiting…

zoom meetings - Mashable
2:42pm PDT - April 4th, 2020

Zoom will enable waiting rooms by default to keep trolls out

Zoom will make a couple of important security changes in an effort to prevent trolls from crashing shared video calls on the app. To be exact, it will require passwords to enter calls and will switch on waiting rooms by default starting on April 5th. The plat…

zoom meetings - Engadget
8:28am PDT - April 4th, 2020

Skype rolls out 'Meet Now' calls that don't need a a sign-up or installation

With people forced out of their offices and schools to avoid spreading coronavirus, there are more video calls going on than ever. However, a significant chunk of the action has gone to Zoom, and not Skype, Microsoft's product that has been at the center of o…

zoom meetings - Engadget
8:33pm PDT - April 3rd, 2020

Zoom admits some calls were routed through China by mistake

Hours after security researchers at Citizen Lab reported that some Zoom calls were routed through China, the video conferencing platform has offered an apology and a partial explanation. To recap, Zoom has faced a barrage of headlines this week over its secur…

zoom meetings - TechCrunch
5:12pm PDT - April 3rd, 2020

Zoom will enable waiting rooms by default to stop Zoombombing

Zoom is making some drastic changes to prevent rampant abuse as trolls attack publicly-shared video calls. Starting April 5th, it will require passwords to enter calls via Meeting ID, since these may be guessed or reused. Meanwhile, it will change virtual wai…

zoom meetings - TechCrunch
2:05pm PDT - April 3rd, 2020

So Wait, How Encrypted Are Zoom Meetings Really?

The service's mixed messages have frustrated cryptographers, as the US government and other sensitive organizations increasingly depend on it.

zoom meetings - Wired
9:44am PDT - April 3rd, 2020

Zoom is a godforsaken mess — but it can be fixed

Two years ago, after Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal came to the fore, there was a new story of the social network’s privacy and security mishap every other day. In the past couple of weeks, video conferencing Zoom has found itself in a similar boat. S…

zoom meetings - The Next Web
6:09am PDT - April 3rd, 2020

Keeping the score on Zoom

Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast, where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines. How are you holding up? Are you keeping up? And most importantly, are you hydrating yourself? There’s so much news lately that we…

zoom meetings - TechCrunch
6:02am PDT - April 3rd, 2020

Zoom was secretly mining your LinkedIn data and sharing it with other users

It’s becoming pretty clear that Zoom was not ready for the influx of users it received due to the coronavirus pandemic. The latest issue discovered with the video teleconferencing platform: the service has been secretly collecting your LinkedIn data and shari…

zoom meetings - Mashable
2:26pm PDT - April 2nd, 2020

SpaceX stops all employees from using Zoom

With millions of people self-isolating around the world, video chat services have become very popular, but do they pose a risk to our privacy and security? SpaceX thinks so, as it just banned the use of Zoom by all employees. As Reuters reports, on March 28 S…

zoom meetings - Mashable
9:34am PDT - April 2nd, 2020

Now that AA meetings have to be held digitally, people are breaking in and harassing recovering alcoholics

It's called "Zoom-bombing," and in the age of coronavirus, when all meetings have had to go digital, it's the newest way hackers are wreaking havoc.

zoom meetings - CBS News
8:08am PDT - April 2nd, 2020

After a litany of security fuck-ups, Zoom promises weekly updates

While the world is sitting at home, video calling and conferencing apps are having the time of their lives. Zoom is probably one of the most used apps, the most controversial one as well. In the past few weeks, it has reached the peak of its popularity with m…

zoom meetings - The Next Web
4:46am PDT - April 2nd, 2020

Zoom's CEO apologizes for its many security issues as daily users balloon to 200 million

Video conferencing Zoom has been criticized for privacy and security issues on its platform. CEO Eric Yuan apologized for the problems in a blog post, saying Zoom wasn't built to handle the number of consumers now using its platform. Yuan said the firm now ha…

zoom meetings - Business Insider
4:23am PDT - April 2nd, 2020

Zoom freezes feature development to fix security and privacy issues

Zoom has been widely criticized over the past couple of weeks for terrible security, a poorly designed screensharing feature, misleading dark pattern, fake end-to-end-encryption claims and an incomplete privacy policy. Despite that, the video conferencing ser…

zoom meetings - TechCrunch
2:34am PDT - April 2nd, 2020