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A Second Stimulus Check This Month is Unlikely — Here's Why

The HEROES Act, which contains measures such as stimulus payments to individuals, looks unlikely to pass the Senate due to GOP opposition.

second stimulus update - Newsweek
7:22am PDT - May 21st, 2020

India's GDP to see 5% contraction in FY21, says Icra

The report estimated sharper de-growth in the first and second quarters of FY21 at -25% and -2.1% respectively, down from a range of 16%-20% contraction in Q1 and 2.1% growth in Q2 before. With two consecutive quarters of contraction, it implied the economy w…

second stimulus update - The Times of India
4:11am PDT - May 20th, 2020

As HEROES Act Stalls in Senate, Millions Pin Hopes on Second Stimulus Check

Democrats have spoken of "urgency" in pushing through further measures during the COVID-19 crisis.

second stimulus update - Newsweek
3:01am PDT - May 20th, 2020

Rep. Jayapal: Trump’s coronavirus response is like ‘The Hunger Games’

A conversation with Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal on the pandemic, why she thinks the economy isn't quite ready to reopen, and what she wishes the Trump administration got wrong.

second stimulus update - Politico
1:00am PDT - May 20th, 2020

Stimulus Checks Update: How Much Could You Get in Second Round If New Bill Becomes Law

Under the HEROES Act, a second round of stimulus checks would be sent out, but the amount could be more—or less—this time under a new set of criteria.

second stimulus update - Newsweek
6:50am PDT - May 19th, 2020

Kevin McCarthy Says $3 Trillion HEROES Act Is About 'Pot' And 'Prioritizing Illegal Immigrants'

The Republican House Minority Leader also said the bill offering further individual stimulus checks was being used to "enforce" socialism.

second stimulus update - Newsweek
1:27am PDT - May 19th, 2020

UN economic experts hail India's 'impressive' stimulus package to revive economy hit by coronavirus

While launching the World Economic Situation and Prospect (WESP) report update on Wednesday, Chief of the Global Economic Monitoring Branch Hamid Rashid told reporters in response to a question that the stimulus package announced by the Indian government on T…

second stimulus update - The Times of India
1:11am PDT - May 14th, 2020

After prolonged service outage, Petnet shuts down, citing coronavirus

The COVID-19 crisis may just be the last nail in the coffin for the company.

second stimulus update - Ars Technica
12:10pm PDT - April 27th, 2020