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UK Conservatives plan January Brexit, February budget if they win election

Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Conservatives said on Wednesday they would complete Britain's exit from the European Union by the end of January and hold a budget in February if they win the national election.

same time, next christmas - Reuters
2:33pm PST - December 4th, 2019

One of the world's most diverse countries has a blackface problem

When the festive figure Sinterklaas rolled through the Dutch town of Apeldoorn in November, he was greeted by TV crews, cheering crowds, and an inevitable round of furious protests.

same time, next christmas - CNN
9:05pm PST - November 29th, 2019

The White House and Congress are barreling toward another government shutdown deadline

The White House and Congress secured a temporary spending fix in the eleventh hour last week. But that runs only through the next three weeks, setting up another critical deadline. Without an agreement on border security, lawmakers will either have to pass an…

same time, next christmas - Business Insider
8:28am PST - November 26th, 2019

Impeachment inquiry crossroads: Keep going or time to vote?

The House and Senate are swiftly preparing next steps in the historic impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump

same time, next christmas - ABC News
3:36am PST - November 23rd, 2019

The Flux Beamo is a $1500 laser cutter with simple but powerful software

Laser cutters are in a fun place right now. Gone are the days when the cheapest machines were tens of thousands of dollars, and when the “compact” models were roughly the size of a freezer. They’ve gotten affordable enough, and small enough, that a DIY home h…

same time, next christmas - TechCrunch
12:29pm PST - November 21st, 2019

Climate change is currently triggering the sixth mass extinction

For more than 3.5 billion years, living organisms have thrived, multiplied and diversified to occupy every ecosystem on Earth. The flip side to this explosion of new species is that species extinctions have also always been part of the evolutionary life cycle…

same time, next christmas - The Next Web
4:30am PST - November 19th, 2019