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'BMF' Actor Lil Meech arrested for stealing a $250,000 Richard Mille watch

Lil Meech, the 'BMF' star, is charged with robbing a Richard Mille watch worth $250,000. He was arrested on charges of grand theft.

lil meech - The Times of India
8:17am PDT - May 19th, 2022

Seen a nigga on an old episode of “Cheaters” rocking a Willie Esco Football Jersey that look like Lil Meech. Shit crazy lmao

Ro Will (@RAW_SPK)
10:24am PDT - June 28th, 2022

RT @tsanders__: Lil Meech and Da'Vinchi did a helluva job acting season 1. The entire cast was killing. But those two brought Meech and Ter…

eric bryant (@redhood21x)
9:42am PDT - June 28th, 2022