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Ginny and Georgia: Netflix users call new teen series ‘best show’ on streaming service

‘It is even better than i imagined,’ one excited viewer wrote

ginny and georgia - Independent
2:42am PST - February 25th, 2021

Netflix’s new drama series Ginny & Georgia feels like five shows in a sack

Netflix’s Ginny & Georgia tries so hard to be Gilmore Girls — but it also tries to be Little Fires Everywhere, Euphoria, and also a crime thriller. So much is going on that the titular characters get buried in other drama and never meaningfully connect. Avai…

ginny and georgia - Polygon
1:16pm PST - February 24th, 2021

Netflix's 'Ginny & Georgia' is utterly unique yet wildly predictable

Despite the admirable uniqueness of every Netflix show, you know what to expect of a classic binge: Some soapy drama, a dash of the unrealistic, a charismatic cast, and a gaggle of twists. Netflix's Ginny & Georgia has all of this, yet somehow manages to be a…

ginny and georgia - Mashable
3:00am PST - February 24th, 2021

New trailers: The Map of Tiny Perfect Things, Ginny & Georgia, Young Rock and more

Benedict Cumberbatch stars in The Courier, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson stars as himself in a retelling of his wild upbringing. The Map of Tiny Perfect Things reimagines the repeating day theme, and Ginny & Georgia are definitely not the Gilmore Girls, OK?

ginny and georgia - The Verge
12:45pm PST - January 31st, 2021

Netflix's "Ginny And Georgia" Trailer Is Here And I Am READY For The Teen Angst

"It's me and you against the world, kid — remember that."View Entire Post ›

ginny and georgia - Buzzfeed
8:36am PST - January 26th, 2021

Netflix's 'Ginny and Georgia' trailer gives off sinister 'Gilmore Girls' vibes

Being 15 is hard enough without a past full of pain and secrets. The trailer for Netflix's Ginny and Georgia introduces a self-proclaimed Gilmore-esque mother-daughter duo trying to make themselves at home in a new town where the past seems determined to catc…

ginny and georgia - Mashable
8:22am PST - January 26th, 2021

//ok so my muse is sky high in the Ginny and Georgia fandom might flip back to it

11:22pm PDT - April 10th, 2021

I’ve had too many people tell me that the mom from “Ginny and Georgia” is how I will be as a mom and now that I’m watching it I 100% agree.

Caroline Campbell (@CampbellCcay)
11:11pm PDT - April 10th, 2021

Gente mds o Marcus de Ginny and Georgia >>>>>>>>>>>

11:04pm PDT - April 10th, 2021

RT @svvliinneee: Just finished Ginny and Georgia gonna go wait for a dark haired skater boy with commitment issues named Marcus to climb th…

lexi (@lexi_parkhurst)
11:02pm PDT - April 10th, 2021

Omg Ginny and Georgia is so good!!! I am stuck

10:57pm PDT - April 10th, 2021

I needa watch all of ginny and Georgia before i beat ginny’s ass omfg

AJ (@manii4L)
10:49pm PDT - April 10th, 2021

Ginny and Georgia is such a good show omg

10:46pm PDT - April 10th, 2021

ginny and georgia is literally such a good show

Rhyleigh (@Rhyleigh13333)
10:44pm PDT - April 10th, 2021

RT @zikora_o: ginny and georgia season 2, but without ginny

Malika❄️ (@Fatimadamisa)
10:32pm PDT - April 10th, 2021

RT @zikora_o: ginny and georgia season 2, but without ginny

eemsss (@eemaanbankole_)
10:21pm PDT - April 10th, 2021