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Tributes Paid to Gerren Taylor as 'Baldwin Hills' Star Dies Aged 30

The mother-of-one is well-known for starring in reality series 'Baldwin Hills,' which aired on BET from 2007 until 2009.

gerren taylor - Newsweek
8:26am PDT - April 12th, 2021

RT @DrNoMask: 30 years old from natural causes. Sure it was.

DrRay (@DrNoMask)
6:22am PDT - May 16th, 2021

RT @phreedomphile: @BSimonward Also Ashley Taylor Gerren, 30 yo. Media suggests may be related to her having lupus yet lupus patients on st…

K (@2bornot2beee)
12:31pm PDT - May 13th, 2021