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Opinion: Somehow, things are worse now than in 1968

Americans are waking up to a new nightmare. On top of a pandemic that has ravaged the country, killed more than 100,000 people so far and shut down much of our economy, there are now mass protests in response to the death of George Floyd, a black man who plea…

george wallace - CNN
1:31pm PDT - May 30th, 2020

Trump threatens protesters with 'vicious dogs' and 'most ominous weapons' as nation braces for more violence

Army primed to send in military police if chaos escalates

george wallace - Independent
1:19pm PDT - May 30th, 2020

In outrage over black deaths, Trump tries on messages for everyone

The president finds himself torn between his longtime promotion of law enforcement and his desire to win over black voters.

george wallace - Politico
1:08pm PDT - May 29th, 2020

‘When the looting starts, the shooting starts’: Trump quotes Miami police chief’s notorious 1967 warning - The Washington Post

  1. ‘When the looting starts, the shooting starts’: Trump quotes Miami police chief’s notorious 1967 warning  The Washington Post
  2. Trump tweets on protests: 'When the looting starts, the shooting starts'  CNN
  3. Taylor Swift slams Trump fo…

    george wallace - The Washington Post
    10:30am PDT - May 29th, 2020

Why Trump Will Likely Lose in November

With an ultimately unimpressive record, he hasn't made the right political calibrations to bolster his support. The post Why Trump Will Likely Lose in November appeared first on The American Conservative.

george wallace - The American Conservative
9:01pm PDT - May 19th, 2020

Memorial for Pulse Nightclub Shooting Defaced by White Supremacists

A mural paying tribute to the victims of the 2016 mass shooting at Orlando, Florida's Pulse nightclub—the deadliest anti-LGBTQ shooting—has been vandalized by white supremacists.

george wallace - Newsweek
4:12pm PDT - May 15th, 2020

Today in History for May 15th

Highlights of this day in history: Alabama Gov. George Wallace shot on presidential campaign trail; Newly-founded Israel attacked by Arab neighbors; The U.S. Supreme Court breaks up Standard Oil.; Country singer June Carter Cash dies. (May 15)

george wallace - USA Today
8:01pm PDT - May 14th, 2020

Third Parties Unlikely to Wreak Havoc in 2020 Election

Major parties are more united than they were in 2016, and Americans are more wary of wasting votes — which is bad news for Greens and Libertarians.

george wallace - New York Magazine
1:49pm PDT - May 14th, 2020

White House economic advisers expect 'very difficult' unemployment numbers in May after devastating job losses in April

  • White House economic advisers said Sunday they are expecting "difficult" unemployment numbers in May.
  • "The numbers for May are going to be also very difficult numbers," White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said Sunday on ABC's This Week…

    george wallace - Business Insider
    8:21am PDT - May 10th, 2020

Supreme Court punts on immigration-law case

Writing for the court, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg faulted the appeals court for raising the issue.

george wallace - Politico
8:11am PDT - May 7th, 2020

Trump Spent the Weekend Tweeting Wild Conspiracy Theories While Nearly 5,000 Americans Died of Coronavirus

And he kept it up on Monday morning.

george wallace - Vice News
7:12am PDT - May 4th, 2020