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The Fed put new restrictions on US banks. Some want it to go further

Regulators have made clear that the US banking system is in much better shape than it was during the 2008 financial crisis, and should have enough money on hand to keep lending to customers in support of the economic recovery.

elizabeth banks - CNN
5:00am PDT - June 26th, 2020

Elizabeth Banks to play Ms. Frizzle in ‘The Magic School Bus’ live-action movie

The movie will be adapted from the popular ‘90s animated series ‘The Magic School Bus’, which was based on the original Scholastic books

elizabeth banks - The Hindu
12:11am PDT - June 26th, 2020

Pelosi and McConnell eye Dunford to lead coronavirus oversight commission

The chairman's position has been vacant for three months.

elizabeth banks - Politico
4:07pm PDT - June 25th, 2020

Wall Street's nightmare: Elizabeth Warren as Treasury Secretary

Wall Street dodged a bullet when Elizabeth Warren's campaign for the White House fizzled out. But Warren, a fierce critic of big banks, could still play a forceful role in shaping policy in a potential Biden administration.

elizabeth banks - CNN
10:31am PDT - June 25th, 2020

Elizabeth Banks to star as Ms. Frizzle in Magic School Bus movie

The new movie will be a live-action hybrid based on the beloved kids books and animated series.

elizabeth banks - Entertainment Weekly
9:12am PDT - June 25th, 2020

Elizabeth Banks to drive 'Magic School Bus' onto big screens

“The Magic School Bus” has traveled everywhere from Pluto to inside the human body

elizabeth banks - ABC News
8:11am PDT - June 25th, 2020

Wall Street likely to cut bonuses 15-20%, make significant layoffs: report - Reuters

Wall Street is likely to cut bonuses this year by 15-20% and make significant layoffs, according to a report published Tuesday by compensation consulting firm Johnson Associates Inc.

elizabeth banks - Reuters
2:31pm PDT - June 23rd, 2020

Revamped Main Street Loan Program launches under watchful eye of critics

After months of revisions and delays, the Fed's long-awaited Main Street Lending Program is up and running -- but critics say it may still have a long way to go.

elizabeth banks - ABC News
2:15am PDT - June 16th, 2020

San Antonio businesses reopening from coronavirus

States across the country are reopening businesses after months of lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. San Antonio, with the rest of Texas, began reopening in May and could provide a snapshot of what's to come for other American cities.

elizabeth banks - CBS News
4:09pm PDT - June 7th, 2020

Attack the Block: 'Underrated' John Boyega film 'finally' being recognised following actor's protest speech

One Twitter user called it 'undoubtedly one of the most underrated movies of the past decade'

elizabeth banks - Independent
9:45am PDT - June 4th, 2020

Fed's massive 'Main Street' business rescue in danger of fizzling

Lawmakers, business groups and analysts are warning that the lending program may fail to deliver the rescue to corporate America that it promised.

elizabeth banks - Politico
3:07pm PDT - June 2nd, 2020

Charity shops fear deluge of donations when they re-open in June

Lockdown has inspired mass clear outs but charities ask customers to be selective with donation.

elizabeth banks - BBC News
4:01pm PDT - May 27th, 2020

Elizabeth Banks Spoke Out About "Charlie's Angels" Being A "Flop" And It Started A Whole Controversy

"You’ve had 37 Spider-Man movies and you’re not complaining."

elizabeth banks - Buzzfeed
7:38pm PST - November 18th, 2019

Progressives Are Suddenly Really Mad at Elizabeth Warren

So much for "big, structural change," some say.

elizabeth banks - Vice News
9:21am PST - November 18th, 2019

Manhunt after Fresno mass shooting, Hong Kong protests, Davis Cup: 5 things you need to know Monday

A manhunt is on after four people were killed in a shooting in California, Hong Kong schools close, a new Davis Cup era begins and more news you need to know Monday.

elizabeth banks - USA Today
11:56pm PST - November 17th, 2019

Are Algorithms Sexist?

*looks around, clears throat* Probably, yes.

elizabeth banks - The New York Times
10:33am PST - November 15th, 2019

The new Charlie’s Angels shows what 2019 wants from a 1970s concept

Director Elizabeth Banks has a new take on an old story

elizabeth banks - Polygon
9:02am PST - November 15th, 2019

Charlie’s Angels Fails to Give Kristen Stewart the Glamorous Action Movie She Deserves

The reboot starring Kristen Stewart has all the makings of a fun action movie, but messy action sequences and a listless pace weigh it down.

elizabeth banks - Time
9:01am PST - November 15th, 2019

'Charlie's Angels' makes a case for Kristen Stewart, rising comedy star

Charlie's Angels belongs to the same class of comedy as this year's The Hustle, Men in Black International, and Stuber — middling and messy but intermittently funny, good enough for passing some time on a plane, but not nearly good enough to be worth getting …

elizabeth banks - Mashable
6:45am PST - November 15th, 2019

Elizabeth Banks: How Making ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Is Part of My Business Plan - The Wall Street Journal

The writer, director, producer and actress says she made a franchise from nothing with Pitch Perfect. Now she’ll tackle Charlie’s Angels for a new generation of women

elizabeth banks - The Wall Street Journal
10:09am PST - November 14th, 2019

‘Charlie’s Angels’ Review: Um, You Go, Girls?

In this franchise reboot, the writer-director Elizabeth Banks tries to sell stale goods with a sheen of empowerment.

elizabeth banks - The New York Times
12:39pm PST - November 13th, 2019

Opinion: Warren's Medicare for All plan won't raise taxes on middle class, economist says

It's no secret that I'm not a fan of Medicare for All. That's why I'm impressed that Senator Elizabeth Warren's campaign reached out to me to independently review her proposed financing plan for the program. Her numbers add up and her plan fully finances the …

elizabeth banks - CNN
10:38am PST - November 13th, 2019

Charlie's Angels Review

This kickass reboot of Charlie's Angels is nothing less than pure popcorn joy thanks to director Elizabeth Banks & Co.

elizabeth banks - IGN
6:30pm PST - November 12th, 2019

Charlie's Angels director Elizabeth Banks was told women can't direct men in films

Banks said she is filling reboot with 'sneaky feminist ideas'

elizabeth banks - Independent
6:42am PST - November 10th, 2019

A European Socialist Has Some Advice for Bernie Sanders

A Dutch senator thinks the 2020 contender should stay positive and address local issues—and also says European leftists could learn from Sanders.

elizabeth banks - Vice News
6:45am PST - November 8th, 2019