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From Chris Tucker to Dustin Hoffman – The Anonymous Epstein Leak Will Shock You

From Dustin Hoffman to Alec Bladwin to Chris Tucker, you won't beleive who else was Jeffrey Epstein's "little black book" leaked by Anonymous. From Chris Tucker to Dustin Hoffman – The Anonymous Epstein Leak Will Shock You by

anonymous trump - Crypto Coins News
11:49am PDT - May 31st, 2020

Online divisions: Twitter, Facebook diverge on Trump's words

President Donald Trump posted identical messages on Twitter and Facebook this week

anonymous trump - ABC News
11:06am PDT - May 31st, 2020

Trump's new executive order on social media seeks to turn the FCC into the internet 'speech police,' something it has spent years trying to avoid

  • Trump's new executive order, which puts social media companies in its crosshairs, wants to revise provisions that have long protected them.
  • But the order wants the FCC to do the rulemaking. One problem: the FCC has spent years distancing its…

    anonymous trump - Business Insider
    5:40am PDT - May 31st, 2020

Conservatives turn to San Francisco lawyer to fight coronavirus orders

Harmeet Dhillon has emerged as a conservative thorn in the side of California Gov. Gavin Newsom, suing on behalf of pastors, gun shop owners, protesters, cosmetologists, beachgoers — and Republicans.

anonymous trump - Politico
3:20pm PDT - May 29th, 2020

Facebook tried to appease its conservative critics for years. It got hit by Trump's executive order on social media anyway. (FB)

  • Facebook and other social media companies have been hit with an executive order by Donald Trump.
  • The order targets the legal protections that social media platforms enjoy, though experts say it's legally dubious.
  • For years, Facebook…

    anonymous trump - Business Insider
    4:43pm PDT - May 28th, 2020

Trump Signs Executive Order Targeting Protections for Social Media Companies Amid Escalating War With Twitter

Trump signed an executive order challenging the liability protections that have served as a bedrock for unfettered speech on the internet.

anonymous trump - Time
1:56pm PDT - May 28th, 2020

Trump is effectively inciting harassment of a Twitter employee in response to enforcing its content policies. The company is in an impossible position. (TWTR)

  • Donald Trump is effectively inciting harassment against one of Twitter's employees.
  • Yoel Roth is being targeted after Twitter fact-checked two inaccurate tweets from the president.
  • Trump wants Twitter to back down and stop applying …

    anonymous trump - Business Insider
    11:21am PDT - May 28th, 2020

Wielding Twitter like a weapon: Here's what was really going on when Trump's most outrageous tweet storms took place

  • President Donald Trump's Twitter use has gotten to the point where the social media company has, for the first time, marked two of his tweets with a fact check for the public.
  • His use of the platform to communicate with his fans and detracto…

    anonymous trump - Business Insider
    12:18pm PDT - May 27th, 2020

Republicans wrestle with conspiracy-theory advocate winning Senate primary

Republicans in Oregon this week nominated a Senate candidate with a deep history of promoting and vowing support for the QAnon conspiracy theory.

anonymous trump - ABC News
3:24pm PDT - May 22nd, 2020

Jane Roe, of Roe v. Wade, Says She Was Paid to Speak Against Abortion in New Documentary

In a new documentary, Norma McCorvey, better known as "Jane Roe," says she was paid to speak out against abortion by anti-abortion groups.

anonymous trump - Time
1:55pm PDT - May 22nd, 2020

Supreme Court may snub ‘faithless’ electors

The justices expressed fears that giving a kind of immunity for Electoral College votes that deviate could create a free-for-all.

anonymous trump - Politico
1:21pm PDT - May 13th, 2020

Trump administration pushing CDC to change how it counts coronavirus deaths: report | TheHill - The Hill

  1. Trump administration pushing CDC to change how it counts coronavirus deaths: report | TheHill  The Hill
  2. Trump privately questions whether coronavirus deaths are being overcounted as Fauci projects the opposite  CNN
  3. CDC director's a…

    anonymous trump - The Hill
    11:44am PDT - May 13th, 2020

The coronavirus drug remdesivir was OK'd for emergency use a week ago. The plan to get it to patients is still mired in confusion. (GILD)

  • US regulators authorized the emergency use of a promising coronavirus drug, remdesivir, last Friday. 
  • The government is now responsible for getting the drug to hospitals so that they can treat patients.
  • Doctors and hospitals told BI…

    anonymous trump - Business Insider
    11:20am PDT - May 8th, 2020

US to remove Patriots, other military assets from Saudi Arabia

WSJ: four batteries of Patriot surface-to-air missiles sent to deter Iranians will be removed from Saudi oil facilities.

anonymous trump - Al Jazeera English
12:16pm PDT - May 7th, 2020

ANOTHER person in contact with Trump gets Covid-19, getting CNN all excited again

One of US President Donald Trump’s personal valets has tested positive for coronavirus, kicking off an orgy of media speculation even as the White House struggled to clamp down on rumors about the president’s exposure. Read Full Article at

anonymous trump - RT
8:30am PDT - May 7th, 2020

The Trump administration is at odds with its allies over the origins of the coronavirus

In the past week or so, Americans have been inundated with intelligence reports and other information relating to the origins of the coronavirus. Yet these leaks seem at times to present conflicting information. The big picture: The U.S. is bullish on the pos…

anonymous trump - Axios
9:10am PDT - May 6th, 2020

Europe’s Digital Czar Says COVID-19 Gives Big Tech a Chance to Redeem Itself

The European Commission’s digital chief tells TIME that Silicon Valley giants can redeem themselves by helping fight the coronavirus

anonymous trump - Time
3:44am PDT - May 6th, 2020

Why the Western media keeps getting North Korea wrong

The repeated blunders in reporting on North Korea shows Western media's continuing lack of understanding and expertise.

anonymous trump - Al Jazeera English
1:53am PDT - May 6th, 2020

Trump's pick for spy chief pledges to 'speak truth to power' if confirmed, despite years of evidence to the contrary

  • Republican Rep. John Ratcliffe, President Donald Trump's nominee for Director of National Intelligence, testified to the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday that he will "speak truth to power" if confirmed.
  • This is Ratcliffe's second at…

    anonymous trump - Business Insider
    12:39pm PDT - May 5th, 2020

Telehealth Is Lifting Major Roadblocks to Trans Healthcare

The COVID-19 pandemic sparked a massive shift to remote transition-related care. Despite minor setbacks, the change has made an incredible difference for patients.

anonymous trump - Vice News
6:00am PDT - May 4th, 2020

Kim Jong-un: Trump 'glad' about reappearance of North Korean leader

The reported appearance came after weeks of speculation over the North Korean leader's health.

anonymous trump - BBC News
4:58pm PDT - May 2nd, 2020

'I am not f***ing losing to Joe Biden': Trump erupts at advisers after being shown poll predicting election defeat

Donald Trump denies reports that he shouted at his campaigner advisor over concerning polling numbers, despite saying he 'doesn't belive in polls'

anonymous trump - Independent
6:41am PDT - April 30th, 2020